3 Inspiration Tips for the “Unfeeling” Blogger

It’s very easy to start a blog and wonder off.

The tech industry isn’t waiting for anyone anymore, more innovative platforms are being coded out each year.

The confusion is on…

Newbies are stuck. Many people are finding it hard to stick to a schedule – not because they don’t want to. But because of the competing platforms and tools that need their eyeballs and loyal patronage. And the interesting part is that you and I are among the potential customers in these tech markets.

The reality is that…

As a blogger (or writer), it can sometimes be a struggle to do what you do best.

Instead of getting stuck, feeling you’re tired of blogging (or writing), use these 3 tips to keep on pulling down the clog.

1. Embrace your limitation.

Being a blogger means that there will always be time when you have to choose between your blog and alternative items on your to-do-list. Understanding your limitation will help you trim down your to-do-list to fit your blogging schedule.

2. Search for productivity tools and use the ones that fit your lifestyle.

Blogging can be stressful. If you attempt to do it in a haphazard way, such methodology would leave you hanging without much to show. As a good blogger, you have to find and make use of tools that can help you be more productive. Examples of such tools are reminders, spreadsheets, editorial calendars, break time alarms, calculators, web based estimators etc.

Note: Hey! Google is here for you. And the interesting part is that it is FREE for you to use.

3. Never forget why you started blogging in the first place.

You had a reason to start your blog. Write it out. Paste it somewhere where you’ll always see it.

It’s very easy to wander off. Don’t let it out of your head. Always, keep in your heart that one no b.s. reason you started your blog. When times are tough, you’ll find yourself still moving forward to achieve your blogging goals.

Let’s talk about your blogging workflow and challenges in the comments.

What blogging topic are you still trying to wrap your head around? Which productivity tools do you use? Which ones do you recommend?

Let’s help each other learn more – especially the newbie bloggers and writers.

You’re also free to include not more than two links to useful resources or your own blogging products in your comment. And, hey, spammers and sploggers are not welcomed to participate.

Now, let’s begin the chat.



2 thoughts on “3 Inspiration Tips for the “Unfeeling” Blogger

  1. What was your reason for starting to blog?

    I’m interested to hear how you keep a consistent schedule.

    I’m always very short on time, no matter how I cut it. And my reason for blogging is to help me network and manage my online presence, it isn’t necessarily a passion.

    I’m passionate about my writing, as far as my novel goes, but this is mostly a tool for me to help connect with other like-minded writers.

    Either way, it’s enough of an inspiration to keep putting myself out there with the hope that I’ll keep building an audience and meet some interesting people!


    1. My reason for blogging was (and still is) to express myself and improve my writing skills over time.

      I started out writing poems. Later, I migrated to writing quotes and now long form posts.

      This doesn’t mean that I always had it smooth.

      In fact, I’ve had different failed blogs that I started and abandoned over time. This was because I approached blogging the wrong way.

      Over time, I’ve improved and my blogging has evolved alongside the growth of my personal brand.

      As for my blogging schedule, I prefer to use Microsoft Excel and NotePad as my scheduling and productivity tools.

      On Microsoft Excel, I craft out my editorial calendar. On NotePad, I keep a large stock of interesting headlines that I find captivating.

      One other thing I do in my editorial calendar is to leave out (a two to three days per week) space for posting ideas that may enter me-head on the go. It really does allow for flexibility. And it prevents me from getting stuck on my blogging schedule. That could be very boring.

      As for your issue with time, I’ll say you should start tracking how you spend your day for the next three weeks. Then based on your discovery [feedback], mark out your best hours for writing and do the same for blogging. Then create time to rest.

      A book like Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog will come in handy to help you identify the kind of tasks you unconsciously procrastinate doing.

      I’m glad you’re passionate about your writing. If you can write, then you can blog. Try writing out a 200 word post for Mondays and Thursdays. Then write out a 500 word post for Saturdays. Let all these posts focus on your struggles and victories on your path to writing and publishing your book. Then tag your posts appropriately.

      By doing this consistently, other like-minded authors who blog will find you over time. And guess what?! The search engines will do the same too.

      I hope you gotten a thing or two!

      ~ PBW

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