10,000 Spoons & The Soup

I came home. She jumped on me.

She was so happy. She danced around me while I kept saying things that made her blush.

Then came that kitchen moment.

I prepared the meal. I dished it into her plate. I served her and she went for it. I left.

Nine minutes later, I came to find her licking the soup and leaving the balls. She looked at me. She knew I was about to shout at her for licking the soup again. She chanted her trumpet tone and wag her tail.

In my heart, I said “that’s my chihuahua.”

I felt so much love in my heart. The irony is that she’s grown from “that” puppy into “my beautiful” chihuahua.

Now, that’s my 10,000 Spoons.


ON FANDOM: I’m Not A Fan


Am I a sports fan? No!

Do I love sports? Yes!

In my world, the main sport that unites people of different ethnic groups and social status is soccer (popularly known in Africa as football – Yes… I know you’re not that dumb!). And if there’s a  club I would have been a soccer fan of, that club would have been Chelsea FC.

As I write this post out loud, I got the question: WHY CHELSEA?


My answer to that question is that I really had and still have a lot of Chelsea fans around me. Secondly, I feel like I still have a thing for that blue color.

Even though I don’t create time to watch EPL matches often, I try to get the gist when I can (too bad for Mourinho’s unhappy situation. Hope things turn out fine at Chelsea FC).

As I round up this post, I feel the urge to mention that I’m also a basketball lover. I played it in my secondary school days. It’s been a very long time since I played it. Sadly, as a competition, the last time I played it, my team were beat hands-down. We tried so hard against the better side. We lost the match and were out of the competition. The scores ended 82 – 18 in favour of our opponents. Yet, I get to watch the game once in a while. I still remember what it feels like to hold a basketball, bounce it, throw it in and hear the crowd shout “basket!”.

All in all, I still love sports….. but I’m not really a die hard fan for any sport. Are you?

P.S.: This Fandom post is a WordPress prompt.
P.P.S.: Image source is SkySports

2015 Week 50: I enjoyed reading these posts


To clear things up, know that Press It is the main idea behind this post.

Now, lets get to it. Shall we?


Last week, I read many posts. Yet, the ones that stood out enough for me to highlight were posted on Mashable, MTV and Inc .

1). Mashable:

This post was titled “Kim Kardashian Hollywood somehow got us to spend real money on fake life“.

According to the Mashable post, the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app was a hit. It pocketed $1.6M in its first five days of release.

My thoughts: I tried to imagine why people would want to use this app. I later figured that this app really has a sentimental value. Majority of people who spent real money on the app wanted to feel the experience of the A-list celebrity life.

From a marketing-psychology perspective, I’d say this app made (and still makes) good cash because it tapped into the intangible needs of so many people – the need for social value and recognition.

Have you tried smiling with your eyes before? (Yep, I’m not sure I could do it CONSCIOUSLY) Well, the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App can teach you that ‘valuable skill’.

2). MTV:

This MTV post is about a model named Essena O’Neill. She quit Instagram because of her reconfigured self-image. In fact, the post title said it all; “The Model Who Quit Social Media Reveals How Instagram Twisted Her Sense of Body Image“.

In the post, there is a link to an O’Neill video.

In the video, she is said to have spoken about her obsession with achieving the perfect body.

In a quote from the video, O’Neill said “I was happy when I looked like the girls that I admired when I was younger.”

My thoughts: The perfect body structure is a myth. Skipping meals and settling for unhealthy physical goals can negatively affect a person’s later sense of self. In the extreme cases, death might occur.

Social Media is here to stay. It is very important for you to know who you listen to – coz some feeds are just not healthy – in the long run, they dry up the soul.

P.S.: In the MTV post, there is a link to Essena O’Neill‘s video.

3) Inc:

This year, Gravity Payments has gained a stronger press coverage – all thanks to CEO Dan Price decision to establish a $70,000 minimum wage at his [Gravity Payments] company.

It is interesting to learn how his decision is influencing the American business community.

Here’s a little highlight from the Inc article titled: “Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage“.

i) #imwithdan is the face of this wage debate.

ii) Professors at Harvard Business School asked to study Dan Price’ experiment in paying workers.

iii) Currently, Gravity Payment revenue is growing at double digit rates. Hence, countering various spells of doom for the company.

iv) The Gravity Payment customer retention rate rose from 91% to 95%.

My thoughts: I like this Dan Price guy. He’s a guy who dreams big. He is ready to restructure his finances and relationships to make things happen – now that’s a statement.

This Dan Price guy has got balls and a strong dose of faith.

I love faith.

When you’re on the path of faith, you’ll take actions that position you for greater successes.

And so I’m wishing Dan Price the best of favours. I believe everything will turn out fine for him.


That’s it!

Those are my three most enjoyed posts of last week.

Share your thoughts on any of the posts that do strike a thought in your mind.

Cheers! …and happy commenting!!


DAILY PROMPT: If I Ruled The World


If I Ruled the World, I would make sure Africa has increased Internet Access at very low data costs.

I’ve learnt so much practical knowledge outside the classroom – all thanks to the internet. I firmly agree that cost effective internet solutions tailored to the various African social segments could create innovative business solutions.

There’s still so much infrastructure development opportunities in Africa. Internet infrastructure is one of them. It is a non-petroleum goldmine.

What do you think about this?

(By the way, this is my 100th post on PBW & Beyond Blog. Now…. that’s a serious milestone.)

A Tribute to WordPress

Stirring at the blank screen gives me the crisps. It doesn’t happen every time. But it does. It’s a way of saying: hey! Come back home.

A distracted mind cannot focus. A diligent mind embraces the reality of today’s events and lets it coordinate the actual feelings of the day.
If I met your imaginary friend on my way to your blog, I’ll ask of your blogging secret.

Is there a particular thing you do to get into the blogging mode? What are the things you consider to be worth posting or unpublishing. Do you delete the paragraphs of an already published post? Are your sacrifices worth your efforts?

If I can, I will take turns in purifying the magic that sparks in your mind.
Blogging is one of the things I love to do online.

Thank you WordPress for this evolving platform.


Originality is Relative

Be authentic.

At least, that’s what you might have heard at one point in time.

Be creative: with money, strategy, action, technique etc. The drums just keep on rolling in for you. But will you be adamant?

What is it that you want to say that you think no one has said before?

Being original is not a myth. It’s just a state of mind that is hard to accomplish by default.

Your experiences really matter here. Your inspiration will be tied to the things you perceive to be. What you think, what you see, what you hear and what you feel all add up to give you an inner push in your being.

All I’m saying is that being original is possible. But for you to get to that step in your job or other to-Dos, follow the following three steps.

1. Learn from the best in your industry. You may not need to meet them personally. But chances are that a number of them who are already successful must have written good books that reveal their thoughts on the happenings in your industry, the work attitudes, cultural beliefs of the industry.

2. Practice what you learn from the top skilled people. This is because talk is cheap but doing the main work requires a dose of effort. It’s easier for you to learn from the top skilled folks in your industry if you’re passionate enough. But don’t stop there put what you learn to work – and who knows; maybe you’ll see something new which may expand your career and financial horizons.

3. Adjust your skill to suite your work flow
As technology evolves, new problems are being created. This also means that new solutions will be needed. And the solutions that will matter will be the ones that will help many people do their work with less clutter. If you align your skills to your workflow, you’ll notice that you’ll begin to love your job more. You’ll also appreciate your organization’s leadership decisions better.

Originality is Relative: do you agree? What is it that’s missing in your ‘link’ today? Let’s chat it in the comments.

#POETRY: This is the Hour.

When the rythmn don’t mix,
The words go untold;
And the sounds go below.

When the lies don’t blend,
The feathers go untouched;
The kills go untrue;
The death go unnoticed.

What. What. What do we do for you oh Mr. Malfoy.
We have cars.
We have chairs.
And we really do have the seater’s laire.

If we could pull out a ding dong from your ass,
We’d waste no time;

We’d do it.

It may not be today;
It may not be tomorrow morning;

But we will come for you and pull it out.

Call it the righteous act.

If it matters to you,
Take it off.

If it craves your attention
Then let us boldly declare that this is the hour.

(C) 2014, Prosper B. Wealth.

ATTENTION: You are free to distribute this work as is. You are not permitted to edit it or re-write it or correct a single word in it.

7 WRITING HABITS: 4 great ones and 3 ugly ones

What’s good writing?

It’s the kind that gets noticed, read and really appreciated. If it’s your work, you may not get to see all the wonderful people who enjoy your work. But one thing’s sure: most of them do find your work interesting.

You know it.

A work – that work – that first earns a bookmark for an evening cup of tea. It pushes your readers to explore what is being offered. It takes your audience down the road. The journey is safe. All your readers need to do is to enjoy being the audience because the writing is too good to pass on. It’s not academic or scholarly-sounding in voice.

The point is that great writing takes time to master. And so, if you’re looking for a one-time quick formula to solve your writing chaos, I’ll be honest with you: there ain’t any magic formula.

You have to pay the price with a currency named “practice”.

You have to practise your writing. It helps to sharpen your skills and increase your brain’s ability to process complex concepts. If you can turn complex concepts into simple messages that can be understood by your audience, then you’ve got a potential winner.

At first, no one is going to acknowledge the fact that you’re onto something. The reason is because the beginning stage of a writing-related profession is filled with a lot of mediocrity and lazy ass bums of a people. To get out of that shit-hole, you have to pick up your pants and get your shoes into the right kind of foot-holding that fits you.

And so, to boost your confidence to become a better writer, the tips below will help you.


The 4 DO-THESE Habits:


If you try writing when you’re unhappy or worried about the next possible disaster, your readers will discover the dead-spirit in your work.

It’s not healthy.

It’s even more mentally and emotionally tasking to come up with the right words to say what you want to say in the best way you intended to say it out.

Unless you’re using writing as a healthy way of releasing negative energy, it’s not always a good thing to write in a negative state. This doesn’t mean you should always wait for the perfect time.

There is actually no perfect time to write.

You can just start out by scribbling your thoughts on paper or monitor. And you’ll notice that as you continue inking or pounding away the keyboard, your cognitive prowess will release the right tiger of boldness and joy.

That’s enough to get you quickly in the mode to write out those positive-impactful words.


Building confidence takes time.

But many readers know when the read the work of a confident writer. Errors are bound to happen. And even though it’s a good thing to correct your grammatical mistakes and other structure issues, it’s important to keep a clear head in this process. Worrying about possible issues will only increase the likelihood for you to commit them.

You are not in this to be afraid. You’re in this to change or improve your existing world with your own words. And the best way to tell the people who read your work that it’s okay to turn the next page is to write with confidence.


Until you start recognizing yourself as a writer, you won’t get the inner kick to stand up and do what needs to be done – the actual writing.

It is very possible to spend a large chunk of your time reading books on writing, going to writing events and even speak on writing with so many people but yet miss the doing part – doing the actual writing. And so, getting into the professional writer’s state of mind is an essential habit that you need to develop to horn your skills into a spear.

Writing out words that cut hearts and restructure their lives for better takes time and practice. It requires a consistent dedication to the art. There is a science to it. There are words you need to learn about. There are vowels you need to learn about. There are also many writing- related business stuff that you need to get an idea of.

With a professional mindset, you’ll be better equipped to get out of your bed and do this one thing that’s important to you.


Your audience is the prime call – your own prime call.

They consist of real people and not some spam bots. There are real people who come to read your work. These people have emotions that can be stirred to happiness and excitement.

Some of’em just want to be entertained.

Others want to be informed.

Others just want to get to know who you are and have a taste of what you have to offer.

As long as you are committed to seeing most of your audience’ needs get satisfied, you will continue building a magnificent group of loyalists and ‘unofficial’ word-of-mouth campaigns. And this will come in handy for the business side of your writing career.

The 3 DON’T-DO-THESE Habits:


Writing prompts are good. In fact, I’ll say they are really, really awesome in getting you to spark that wire of creativity.

Some of’em stir up your emotions to the peak point that you remember things. Some: good – others: not-so-good.

While it’s good to use a writing prompt as a help to kick start your writing for the day. It’s really a good idea that you don’t depend on them.

You’ve got to find a way to come up with your own writing prompts. Look around. Pick an object. Get a book. There’s so much to write. There’s so much out there for you to use as an inspiration generator.

You can do it. Maybe, not always. But if you keep practising, then over time, you’ll see the benefits of creating your own writing prompts.

It may be hard at first, but of course, that’s why you write. You’re meant to turn a blank page into something readable. It’s a craft that has to do with turning your reader’s time into something along the lines of an investment.

Create your own writing prompts and let it be useful enough for your audience.


You know it – that baritone voice behind your favourite ad.

Why baritone?

It’s simple. They want to make you feel the connection between the advertised product and you.

Notice the word ‘feel’.

The idea of making the audience feel was not first created during the recording of the advert. It was at the beginning – the writing of the advertiser’s script.

If it works and makes people like you and I buy what is being advertised, then it definitely makes sense. They writers of the ad know something. And that one thing is that writing like a robot is emotionless writing. I’m talking of detaching yourself from your own writing.

Good writing will center the focus of your writing on your work and you.

Your readers will need to get a sense of connection with you. And for them to stay connected to your brand and work, they need to feel something: they need to connect with you and at the same time make sense of that connection.

Whether it’s the feeling of anger, mystery or excitement, top writers don’t write like robots – they seek to convey emotions into their work. It’s the reason their work are popularly regarded as ‘interesting’.

Oh! And did I forget to mention that “interesting” sells?


Worrying about your writing won’t do you any good.

You have to pick yourself up and get to face that blank page every day. Then seek to conquer it because there is not hundred percent right or wrong way to do your writing.

If you think that you’re confused, then try writing like you talk.

Get your acts together and stop searching for that perfect quote or article that will keep you up at night to write.

Trust your instincts. All good writers do.

And yes, it’s a good thing to learn from others who have gone ahead of you in this process. But it is always detrimental to worry about the standard of your writing.

Letting go of worry opens you to the freedom. Just enjoy this process. After all, it’s for the development of your writing skill.

It might take a very long time to get to know your own writing voice and which topics you love to write about. Still, I encourage you to ignore that fear inside of you. In fact, if I were to say one thing about the inner critic inside your brain, I’ll say you should use the fear inside of you to push yourself forward in your writing career.

Good writing is what you say it is.

Nobody has the best standard of creativity.

We’re all different. And so, even if we write on the same topic, there’s always that one piece of the puzzle that can only come from you. It’ll feel just like destiny. Lol!


You will need a significant dose of courage to remain focused in this craft. The reason is because there are many things that could distract you from achieving your goals. Therefore, I encourage you to stick to your guns; don’t let that ‘pestle’ miss its spot in your mortar.

Turn this intangible asset into something helpful and profitable.


It’s not about the money…

There comes a time when you’re not just doing your job for the sake of the money.

Yes, the cash is helpful but it shouldn’t be the primary motivator for your career success.

It’s always a good thing to evaluate where you are today and where you are heading.


The direction your life is headed is totally dependent on each decision you make today.