The Writer’s Experience

“I feel the words coming in. They keep pouring in on and on.”

That’s the writer’s experience.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. Just let the words flow on to your blank page or screen.

Writers write.

They don’t argue about it. They may feel bad about editing it later but that’s for that – editing is for later and not now.

For now, just write. That’s a writer’s experience.



BE Courageous and Kick Ass!

What is it that you want to do? If it’s bigger than you, then you’ll need courage to win.

With courage you’ll win big.

Stop trying to be like others. Just fill your mind with life-giving thoughts that improve your health and joy.

In this way as you continue, you’ll notice that the goodness in you will overflow and spill out into the life of others.

Be courageous!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran writer or newbie blogger, courage is a necessary ingredient to how people with big tasks won in the past. And it’s how everyone with mega plans would win in future.



Have you ever done something and got a tiny win?

A tiny win is that little result you get from the effort you put into what you’re doing.

For writers, your tiny win could be writing fifty words in the morning. For bloggers, it could be writing your next sub-section or paragraph in that guest-post.

Whatever it is that you do, recognising and being happy with your tiny win is very important to your career success.
It shows progress.

It also tells your brain’s cognitive centre that what you are doing is truly rewarding.

It is what will keep you motivated to do your work even when the going gets tough.

Little drops make an ocean!
Little plans make a mega plan!!
Little drops will make your ocean!!!

The 80/20 rule works with this too.

Take action today. And don’t give up on your dreams.


Parody CNN Bad News

When the world looks gloomy because of bad news, do we stop watching the bad news on CNN?

Sometimes, I wonder.

I think the more bad news we hear on CNN, the more bad news we become programmed to hear.

Life was supposed to be pleasant – a person falls and rises again, a person is sick then heals etc.

Bad news seems to take away the life of joy and abundance we desire. It makes people live in fear of lack.

Wouldn’t it be better for us to start focusing our mind on goodnews?


Life Has A Lot of Good for You…

Life is filled with the abundance of love, life, joy, peace and strength.

All you have to do is position your thoughts in the light.

Silence the inner critics in your head because most of the information you collected while growing up may not be useful to you in the future.

I always say that it is better to have no teacher than to have the wrong one.


Unlimited Best

Sometimes, out of our mistakes come the best decisions. Not just because we are humans. But because within each of us lies the unlimited power to move more, to be more, to breathe more, to fall more and to rise again.

Life may seem unbearable for awhile.

Let that not deter you from reaching your greatness.

I encourage you to stand strong, be strong, live happy and succeed in whatever good that you lay your hand to do.


HELLO WRITERS: Invent Your Own Words

Sometimes, words are not enough to say what you want to say the way you want to say it.

Yeah! I’m referring to that thought that needs to be expressed. It comes like a bang into your mind. You know it needs to be out there for the world to see. But you’re just limited by the constraints placed on you by the written in English word.

In this case, confident writers use their authority and personal power to invent their own words.

Why not try it?!

Invent your own words today.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gliberttite, scatopoqueta, shirberling. Whatever those mean.

Just do it!


DON’T HANG THAT TOWEL! There’s still hope…

You’ve nurtured your dream for years and now you want to give up? Don’t.

Don’t think of it.

There are so many people who won because they tried one more time.

Try one more time. It may be your last shot but it may be THE decisive move.

Trust me, don’t hang your towel yet.

Based on what I’ve experienced over and over again in my private life – the nay sayers are always proved wrong at the end of the dark tunnel. You too will be an exceptional success story.


Do You Believe You Can Be Successful?

It is either you believe in your ability to become successful or not.

When you believe you can, your mind will get to work to discover the way.

When you believe in your potential to become successful, you won’t worry about the challenges that you’ll face on your journey. Your faith will rise. And you know what?! That’s a good thing.

When your faith rises, your self-esteem rises. Your happiness will also increase. And your health – that one will be a settled issue. No amount of stress will be able to push you off the mark.

Be happy. Don’t be afraid of failure. Let the emotions run through that phase. Then filter your thoughts.

Learn from your mistakes and rise again.

Believe it. You can be successful in anything you put your heart to do and learn.