The part of you as a writer

For every piece of content that is put out there, part of you as a writer is put out there.


The Act of Writing a Piece

The mere act of writing a piece does not justify you for being a writer.

Every writer understands that the process is not backwards.

You have to first see yourself as a writer before you can truly go about with doing the business of a writer.

Writing is an art form and a really valuable craft on its own. Those who understand this know this to be true. You can’t rely on nothing to produce nothing. You fist have to be the creative self that you imagine before you can truly start the work.

This idea is based on the concept that the writer in you will only emerge after you have embraced your writing self.

Yes. There is your writing self that puts pen to paper – ink to material. That same writing self is the one that hits the keyboard to produce words as emerging and effective enough to change the world for your reader.

It’s in the craft…

It’s in the craft…

So, make this your craft.


Writing from the heart is great

Writing from the heart is great. It exposes a part of us to the world. It provides a sense of healing and comfort in knowing that no matter what your situation is, you’re not alone.

I know this because it is a good thing.

This is a good thing because it helps to better the healing process in a way that becomes magical. It is by the use of words that we find peace in our soul.

What many seek outside can be found from within.

All you just needed to do was to look within – coz it’s there within.

Stop searching because it’s within.


This Is Why Most Writers Still Keep Writing

Writing is a gift to certain people.

For others, it is a skill to be learned. Even for the gifted, it is a skilled to be developed.

If you can look deep into your soul and find the exact words to express what you feel, how you feel and in the way you feel it, then you have just begun. You have begun a journey into a world where every clutter gives you inspiration for the new.

That’s it.

That’s the writing world we’re in.


As writers, there’s much left to be imagined.

I use to think of a time when all people everywhere will come to appreciate writers for who they are. Many writers are storytellers. They make you skip an ounce of fat with the nature of their stories. They do what they do best. They turn imagination into fiction. They turn drafts into final papers. They turn research into valuable, simplified information.

Yet, there is still the group of people who see writers as lazy people who lazy about. Even though this is the case, the reality is that writing needs work. It requires a constant dedication to this craft. And it doesn’t matter what form you choose it to be.

Whether you choose to write in secret or you choose to let the world know what you do, writing is work. That’s a fact. And no one can change that.


Writing is work. Work requires energy. Writing requires both mental and physical energy. If not well planned, the writer can fall into an ill state.

Like any other job, the job of writing has its own mayhem attached to it. In fact, many writers really suffer in silence. They suffer with illness ranging from depression to sleep disorders to anxiety issues. I, myself have passed through these ailments to come to appreciate the work of writers. You don’t need to pass through the same illnesses to come to appreciate the work of writers.

So, next time you pick up a book or read a blog post, realize this fact: mental work had been put in to create that creation.

Work is meant to be enjoyed. But what happens when work becomes tedious and really tasking? We, as writers, do console ourselves in the passion we have for words.

Words change lives, and if our words changed a life for the better, then we have done our part. We have done our part in contributing to make the world a better place.


How they write from their hearts

I was wondering how top writers do it.

They write in a way that makes writing look as simple and easy as they present it.

They write from the heart.

And so I thought of doing my own research.

Here are the following things I learnt about writing from the heart.

1. It’s not always easy to spit out words that don’t fall through the filter.

Our brains have filters.

And so, as writers, we all have the impeccable grace to withstand anything that comes up as inspiration to us.

2. At the end of the day, it’s not always about you.

Sure, we do have problems. But every problem presents us with the opportunity to create or find a solution that works. After all, there is someone out there who wants to learn or even profit from how to solve the same problem we face.

3. Times will come when you feel like giving up.

Being tired is okay.

As a writer, there are times when you will definitely feel like giving up. But don’t let that feeling linger until it becomes heavy. You may feel like giving up before your project has even begun.

Writing is for those who are ready to make commitments to be the better version of them.

Once you’re ready to climb up this mountain and finish this race, then your journey had just begun.


How to Overcome Your Fear of Writing Failure Before Dawn

“If you don’t make mistakes, you can’t make decisions” ~ Warren Buffet

That’s a quote that got my attention.

As I was pondering on the quote, I found the inspiration to write you on this post.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Writing Failure Before Dawn

Writing is beneficial to so many people. In fact, the average writer realizes that writing, whether it is done for self or for an audience, always benefits someone out there.

The lesson is that there is someone who values what you write. And true writers don’t write because the always want to get paid. They write because this is just part of them.

Writing is part of a true writer’s everyday activity. It doesn’t matter whether it is done on a blog or a piece of paper or on a computer screen. The reality is that writers don’t give up on their craft easily.

And so the easiest way to overcome your fear of writing failure is to put yourself out there.

Just write.

In fact, I’ll say you should write until it hurts.

Writing is what you do; intend it and take action. You’ll get better over time.

Forget the worries about being perfect. Perfection is just a myth because true art can never be complete.


All Bloggers Don’t Blog for the Same Reason

It’s funny whenever I run into a blog whose owner feels bad for not posting for some months.

I think this stems from two kinds of emotions.

  1. Emotions that originate from the thoughts of a deep sense of obligation to one’s audience.
  2. Emotions that originate from the feelings of insecurity that arise due to competition with other blogs.

My thoughts
I’ll run from ground to the skies. So, let me start from the second point up.

I think competition is kinda dump

There is no need to monitor your competing blogs to the point of obsession.

In fact, there is a thin line between monitoring your competitors and confusing yourself.

Blogging, as every real life blogger knows, is not for the faint of arms. Your arms should always be on standby to write your next posts because inspiration is everywhere.

So, next time you feel insecure about the competition, remind yourself that they worked hard to get to where they are.

While you can get inspiration from them, don’t forget why you started blogging in the first place.

Your sense of obligation to your audience

That’s it.

When you get to the point this feeling envelopes you, you’ll become a blogging superstar.

Why? It is because on the competitive plane, it is hard to be original.

Contrary to the ‘street’ gist, your own creativity will spark into a burning fire that burns your words into your blog.

I’m talking here of burying yourself in your audience interests.

To round up…

Now you’re aware that all bloggers don’t blog for the same reason, I’m sure you’ll sit your ass down for a moment. Grab a mug of coffee and then think of why you started blogging.

Let those answers silently guide you into the blogging superstar that you were meant to be.

That’s it my dear friend.


#BLOGGING: 3 Simple Hacks That Will Make Your Blog Post Really, Really Persuasive

When you write a post, you should embed yourself in it.

It is good for your readers and you.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that a very persuasive blog post is attractive to read. It gets your audience to tick the yes box. You’ll also feel good about yourself when you hit the publish button.

There will be no need for you to beat around the bush. You just know that you’ve done a good job – irrespective of whether you are on the blogging amateur or professional level.

With this in mind, I want to share with you three simple hacks for crafting out a really, really persuasive blog post.

Now, lets start.

1) Match your words to your audience needs

For you to do this, you have to learn what’s important to them.

The reason is because whenever you write, you are always writing for someone else. It’s very easy to forget this. The idea of writing the way you want can sometimes make you blind to your audience needs.

All audiences are different; and this may sound obvious but in practice, you may forget to apply this concept to your work.

All in all: your audience matters. Keep them in mind when doing your writing.

2) Speak in the jargon your audience accepts

There is a way your audience speaks. There are words that your audience uses. They might be technical or derogatory in manner. The important is that you identify the kind of phrases that are not offensive to the particular audience that you’re writing to.

When you think about your audience differently, your writing will improve – especially in terms of how you combine your use of jargon and everyday words in your sentences.

Another way of interpreting this is to use the vocabulary that your audience understands.

3) Connect your writing voice to the blog post you’re writing

To connect your writing voice to the blog post that you’re writing, all you have to do is find your blogging voice.

Your blogging voice encompasses the way you use your writing to express your thoughts – and the style, of course.

For the sake of the growth of your blog in future, work on focusing your efforts on developing your writing voice. It’s an essential that you take your time to get this write. It is one of the ways to avoid your pattern of writing in twists and turns.

Focus on a single message in each of your posts. If you have different ideas that you want to merge into that particular post, title the blog post like a theme on the topic.


Writing a persuasive blog post is easy. Just use the three tips above.

Have you ever wondered if your blog post is persuasive enough? Please share your experience with us in the comments.