Writing from the heart is great

Writing from the heart is great. It exposes a part of us to the world. It provides a sense of healing and comfort in knowing that no matter what your situation is, you’re not alone.

I know this because it is a good thing.

This is a good thing because it helps to better the healing process in a way that becomes magical. It is by the use of words that we find peace in our soul.

What many seek outside can be found from within.

All you just needed to do was to look within – coz it’s there within.

Stop searching because it’s within.



3 Habits You Can Learn From People Who Are Always On Time

There are easy habits you can develop to transform you into a healthy time management persona.

I’m talking of the one who shows up on time and completes the tasks on time – without the silly excuses (with exemptions of genuine challenges).

Here are three habits of punctual people…

HABIT #1: You should know how to plan your day in advance

Planning your day requires your full attention to plan. Making a commitment to set out a block of your time to draw your plans can work wonders for your health and work-life balance sheet.

Occasionally, planning your day might feel stupid.

In fact, on some days, you won’t find it interesting. But if you work hard to stay committed to planning your day, you will establish a flexible, practical, daily plan that suits your personal and professional lifestyle.

HABIT #2: You have to be organized

One of the secrets of punctual people is their appreciation for being organized.

Haphazard or zigzag way of living for day-to-day can actually be distracting for you. The resulting effect is that all you want feel fulfilled at the end of your day.

The best way to become organized is to start working on filling your daily plans with structures. These structures are essential to helping you build a consistent daily or weekly routine.

HABIT #3: You have to appreciate downtime

Downtime is that block of time between your early arrival at your destination and the actual beginning of the event you are attending.

Let’s say the event you are attending is to start by 10am. If you got to the venue by 9:20am, the block of time in-between (i.e. the forty minutes of waiting time) is your downtime.

As a punctual person, you should use your downtime to catch upon easy tasks such as reading a bookmarked article, checking up your emails, making a phone call etc.

In Conclusion…

Being on time is not that difficult.

All it takes is a continuous improvement in your time management skills. It may be tough at the beginning. You may even make mistakes than you estimated. You may even discover the hidden weaknesses in other areas of your life.

But one thing’s sure, if you keep at it, you will eventually take change of your time – and that would translate to creating the beautiful future that you desire.

Are you always on time? Let’s know how it works out for you in the comments.


I feel the urge to write.

I don’t need to understand why the urge keeps coming on and on. But I’m sure it has to do with something that all of us deeply crave inside – and that is the need to be heard.

The Need to be heard

This is one of the traits that make you human.

Have you ever craved to leave that point of loneliness? Have you ever wished that you no more had any disappoints in your life anymore?

Well… the reality is that as a leader (or upcoming one), you will have to undergo these phases of pain, struggles and betrayals.

It’s not because you’re a bad person. It’s because you have to face the kind of challenges that will shape your character to fulfil your destiny every day.

You are Unique.

In the path of your destiny, you are wise; you are sound and you are mentally alert. The reason is because there is no other person in this world who is the exact copy of you.

You are unique.

Your voice, your finger prints and your destiny are all unique.

The creator designed you specifically for His own purpose and intent. And so, there’s nobody in this world who has the ability to do what you are destined to do like you. If only you accept this truth, then you will open the gates of opportunities into your life.

I’m talking opportunities that fit your skills set, your abilities and your talents and your personality.

If only you embrace the nature of the unique you, you’ll come to discover this one truth: that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU FUNCTION IN YOUR DESITNY.

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the fame.

It’s about doing the things that you were born to do. You’ll get satisfaction, happiness, real friends, fulfilment, joy and love – and most important – TRUE SUCCESS.

What were you born to do? The answer is deep within you.

Just listen to that small, still voice in your heart and then obey it. Trust it to lead and guide you to BE MORE, DO MORE, and HAVE MORE of all you desire.




Being an expert requires action. You have to be committed to the improvement of your craft. Things change over time. Innovations improve over time.

We all get curious of different stuff. This curiosity will continue to lead us as a human race to take numerous decisions that will favour the advancement of the human race.

It’s easy to think of coming up with different reasons for the quality of work you do. But the truth still remains: if you want to succeed, you have to be committed to your personal and professional development.

As the government are doing their own part to develop the economy [at their own pace 🙂 oinks!!!!], you are solely responsible to develop your own individual economy. Your expertise is your responsibility to think of, to care for, and to nourish. You don’t have to depend on other people for ALL your ideas. Go out and search for information. But don’t stop there coz it’s very possible to fall into a state of analysis paralysis.

Success needs dreams – a continuous use of the power of the mind – and a commitment to take action. It doesn’t matter if your action is huge or small. You just have to take that action.

To take action in the right direction, you will have to set goals, control your use of technology, and learn to solve problems in your field.


The quality of your life will depend on the quality of your priorities.

What are your priorities? If you’re not sure of it or you’ve never taken some time out to think about your life, well, I’ll tell you.

There are three kinds of priorities.
1. Priorities marked High
2. Priorities marked Medium
3. Priorities marked Low

You are responsible for determining the level of your priorities. A careful analysis of your personal and professional activities will tell you about your priorities.

The activities you value most are the priorities that are marked high. The ones you mark as medium are the ones that can be postponed until a future date. The priorities you mark as low can be those activities that you can always cross off your list for a better alternative that can happen impromptu.

To restructure your activities to succeed in your core expertise, you have to set goals.

Goals are your door to more opportunities for personal and professional advancement. You have to have plans – and those plans have to be consistent with the principle of abundant life.

You goals should move you forward. They should move you to be more, do more and have more.

To make your goals work for you, make it SMART.

SMART means your goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented and Timely.


Technology can be useful in a lot of ways. On the other hand, technology can be harmful to your productivity.

A look into the life of successful professional people will let you in on one secret: they control their use of technology and not the reverse. They understand that tech can fail too. I suggest you start writing your to-do-lists on a piece of paper and ‘pocket’ that phablet for the next two hours.

In fact, your control of technology can add more control to your time. You’ll know when to stop using a particular piece of tech and leave that building for a drink with the people you care about.

Let technology be the tool that can help you do your work faster and better.


Every field of expertise exists to solve problems.

If there are no problems in your intended profession, there will be nothing for you to do. That also means that there will be nothing for you to earn.

This is because your ability to grow in a FULFILLING career is tied to your ability to solve problems in your profession. And your ability to solve problems in your profession will determine the quality of professional people you meet.


All skills are learnable. You can learn whatever topic that you’re interested in – if only you’re determined enough. Nothing on earth can stop you except you.

Of course, that’s why there are professional schools everywhere.

Choose your area of interest. Learn your craft. And become better at what you do.

But before that…


What’s your experience on having goals to achieve? Do you find it easy to set goals? Or do you just go about your career with the ‘whatever-comes’ mindset? Let’s talk about’em in the comments.

Don’t Be Afraid of Challenges

Challenges have made people winners.

Challenges can make you win too.

Depending on how you look at it, a challenge is like a gate. You have to pass through it to see your dream come true.

Hear Josh Hinds on challenges.

“Understand that it is ok to be scared or uncertain, however right beyond those barriers ultimately lies your dreams.” ~ Josh Hinds

Here are three reasons you should use challenges to get the “unfair” advantage.

1. Challenges help you discover the “more” about you

When you’re faced with a challenge, you’ll panic. Not to worry, that’s the first thing many people do when they’re confronted with an inexperienced territory.

It doesn’t make you weird. You’re totally in the normal gauge.

Your work is not to remain there. As a winner, you should decide to see your challenge as a learning experience. Keep an open mind for surprises.

2. Raw fear distorts your reality

Your mind sees what you think and what you believe.

Another way to rephrase this is that your mind sees what you perceive to be the truth.

Sometimes, what you see may be wrong. As much as it is natural for you to panic at the first instance, don’t let the “I don’t know what to do” make you paranoid.

Most times, your heart will be speaking the absolute truth about the situation. And the shocking part is that it may go contrary to what your eyes [mind] see.

3. Challenges tell you how you’re out of alignment

Goal-setting is good. But just crafting them out without action is an open invitation for failure. I learnt this hard lesson.

To prevent stagnation, learn to track what you did that went right. And also track the things you did that were not so good. This allows you to grow personally and professionally.

Each time you overcome a challenge, you’ll know what you should not do. And when to ask for help from other more experienced people.

Back to you…

How do you deal with challenges? Do you also panic when you’re in unfamiliar territory?

Let’s talk in the comments.


ACTION. That’s it.

That’s what separates the wannabes from the I AMs.

Okay, I’ll be straight with you. The words may be hard but it’s to help you grow.

No much ranting. Just hard-on heart to heart words from me.

You see…there is a difference between those who want to be a professional in a particular career and those who have become the professionals in that same professional field.

Who are the wannabes?

Wannabes are those of you who are still dreaming.

They are also those of you who are waiting to gather all the facts to confirm your fears about the possibilities of failure.

My words of encouragement for you are “start with what you currently have.”

Who are the “I Ams”?

Well, the “I Ams” are those are understand the power in the following words:


Let me break it down…

i). BE

The “I AMs” recognize the fact that we are first human beings before we are human doings.

This means that true success starts from inside out – and not the reverse.

ii). DO

Successful people take action. They get stuff done. Not just stuff; but stuff that matters.

They are doers.

They manage their time because they are doers. They plan. They initiate. They manage.

You too have to be a doer. Be inspired to take action.

iii). HAVE

After being and doing, your end result will be that you have what you desired at the beginning of your journey.

I’ll say that this is based on the principle of planting and harvesting.

You have to plant your intention and actions towards reaping your harvest of your professional rewards.

There you have it!

The one thing that separates wannabes from “THE I AMs” is Action.

So, take action today!


Have you ever done something and got a tiny win?

A tiny win is that little result you get from the effort you put into what you’re doing.

For writers, your tiny win could be writing fifty words in the morning. For bloggers, it could be writing your next sub-section or paragraph in that guest-post.

Whatever it is that you do, recognising and being happy with your tiny win is very important to your career success.
It shows progress.

It also tells your brain’s cognitive centre that what you are doing is truly rewarding.

It is what will keep you motivated to do your work even when the going gets tough.

Little drops make an ocean!
Little plans make a mega plan!!
Little drops will make your ocean!!!

The 80/20 rule works with this too.

Take action today. And don’t give up on your dreams.


Unlimited Best

Sometimes, out of our mistakes come the best decisions. Not just because we are humans. But because within each of us lies the unlimited power to move more, to be more, to breathe more, to fall more and to rise again.

Life may seem unbearable for awhile.

Let that not deter you from reaching your greatness.

I encourage you to stand strong, be strong, live happy and succeed in whatever good that you lay your hand to do.


DON’T HANG THAT TOWEL! There’s still hope…

You’ve nurtured your dream for years and now you want to give up? Don’t.

Don’t think of it.

There are so many people who won because they tried one more time.

Try one more time. It may be your last shot but it may be THE decisive move.

Trust me, don’t hang your towel yet.

Based on what I’ve experienced over and over again in my private life – the nay sayers are always proved wrong at the end of the dark tunnel. You too will be an exceptional success story.