3 Inspiration Tips for the “Unfeeling” Blogger

It’s very easy to start a blog and wonder off.

The tech industry isn’t waiting for anyone anymore, more innovative platforms are being coded out each year.

The confusion is on…

Newbies are stuck. Many people are finding it hard to stick to a schedule – not because they don’t want to. But because of the competing platforms and tools that need their eyeballs and loyal patronage. And the interesting part is that you and I are among the potential customers in these tech markets.

The reality is that…

As a blogger (or writer), it can sometimes be a struggle to do what you do best.

Instead of getting stuck, feeling you’re tired of blogging (or writing), use these 3 tips to keep on pulling down the clog.

1. Embrace your limitation.

Being a blogger means that there will always be time when you have to choose between your blog and alternative items on your to-do-list. Understanding your limitation will help you trim down your to-do-list to fit your blogging schedule.

2. Search for productivity tools and use the ones that fit your lifestyle.

Blogging can be stressful. If you attempt to do it in a haphazard way, such methodology would leave you hanging without much to show. As a good blogger, you have to find and make use of tools that can help you be more productive. Examples of such tools are reminders, spreadsheets, editorial calendars, break time alarms, calculators, web based estimators etc.

Note: Hey! Google is here for you. And the interesting part is that it is FREE for you to use.

3. Never forget why you started blogging in the first place.

You had a reason to start your blog. Write it out. Paste it somewhere where you’ll always see it.

It’s very easy to wander off. Don’t let it out of your head. Always, keep in your heart that one no b.s. reason you started your blog. When times are tough, you’ll find yourself still moving forward to achieve your blogging goals.

Let’s talk about your blogging workflow and challenges in the comments.

What blogging topic are you still trying to wrap your head around? Which productivity tools do you use? Which ones do you recommend?

Let’s help each other learn more – especially the newbie bloggers and writers.

You’re also free to include not more than two links to useful resources or your own blogging products in your comment. And, hey, spammers and sploggers are not welcomed to participate.

Now, let’s begin the chat.



Undying Persistence

Every word…every deed…every second counts on the journey. Now that’s persistence.

You’re not waiting for the right time to find inspiration. Of course, you don’t get inspiration by doing nothing.

You get it by re-enforcing the positive energy that is within you.

You’ve got potential. Now, that’s energy that is waiting to be unleashed. It just takes you to decide what you want.

What do you want? What do you really want to achieve today?

List’em out in your to do list. Don’t let it go beyond three.

Three is enough. It is ideal because you get to easily remember the three definite thing you intend to do.

The beauty of this that it helps you understand your work pattern.

Now this is a good thing. It is good because you get to evaluate the effectiveness of your workflow.

Is your workflow effective? I’d it efficient? The only way you’ll discover this by being persistent in what you do.



It sucks, right?!…

… That feeling of getting stuck on the path to greatness.

You just want to keep moving on forward but you feel you’ve lost too much steam to continue your journey to your own promise land.

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

You’re not the only person trying to turn a dream into reality.

And yes, the emotions you’re currently feeling have been felt by other people who went on the same journey like yours in the past.

What you can do now

When those feelings of hopelessness come to you, don’t fight them. Just let them flow through your mind. And as the negative voices start to speak in your head, position yourself into a calm state, shut your mouth tight and talk to them with your inner voice.

Talk to those self-limiting inner voices

Tell them that you’re in charge of your thoughts – not them.

Tell them that it’s okay to fail. Tell them that it’s okay to learn from your past mistakes.

Tell them that each challenge you face on your path is determined to make you a better person.

Keep in mind…

Know that all your experiences in life are designed to make you grow in character, discipline, skill and wisdom.

I encourage you today…

Do NOT be afraid of failure.

Don’t think of failure before you hit the action button.

Learn to use fear to your advantage – coz all successful people do so.

All successful people once failed in one or all of their ventures. I too had my own failures. But the sweetest part of a life journey is in counting the blessings that happen in each victory.

Recognize and Celebrate Your Past, Present and Future Victory Points

Each story behind your victory is important.

It is the story that reminds you that even though you failed, you still returned to win – and you did win.

  • You disappointed the critics, the nay-sayers and the cowards.
  • You were courageous.
  • You put out fires.
  • You destroyed myths.
  • You controlled your ego and came back victorious.

Remind yourself that every victory that you’ll experience will be among your testimonies for life.

You can do it…

I say you can make it. If I say you can, what are you saying to yourself?

Feel the pain. It’s what makes you human.

Rise again. It’s what makes you a courageous super human.