Undying Persistence

Every word…every deed…every second counts on the journey. Now that’s persistence.

You’re not waiting for the right time to find inspiration. Of course, you don’t get inspiration by doing nothing.

You get it by re-enforcing the positive energy that is within you.

You’ve got potential. Now, that’s energy that is waiting to be unleashed. It just takes you to decide what you want.

What do you want? What do you really want to achieve today?

List’em out in your to do list. Don’t let it go beyond three.

Three is enough. It is ideal because you get to easily remember the three definite thing you intend to do.

The beauty of this that it helps you understand your work pattern.

Now this is a good thing. It is good because you get to evaluate the effectiveness of your workflow.

Is your workflow effective? I’d it efficient? The only way you’ll discover this by being persistent in what you do.



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