Leading Is Not Always Great

Leadership is about influence.

person wearing black leather dress shoes
Photo by Adrien on Pexels.com

I didn’t say it. John Maxwell said it.

And whenever I think about this in line with my experiences, I come to appreciate those who made sacrifices for me to become the man I am today – starting from my parents.

You see, when leading others, there would come a time when you’ll be misunderstood. Even your actions will look as if you are choosing a side (and sometimes, leaders with good intentions do pick the wrong sides for some weird, shitty reasons). Other times, you will definitely have to pick a side to support during conflict.

Many great leaders do have good time management skills.

One of the major traits of a remarkable leader is having the ability to see ahead, the consequences of today’s actions. It is not always easy. And so many people are not gifted with this ability. Others are definitely not interested in improving this ability.


There are some leaders that are born into influence, they stand out from birth. And they are also leaders who have to work their way up to the top, influencing lives as they go ahead.

Along the lines, many leaders do make mistakes. Some even have regrets about tough decisions they should have made years ago. While a number of leaders do regret abusing their authority.

What matters is that every leader should continue growing and teaching future leaders experiencially-enriching lessons. And when the time comes to be tough, be rooted like a tree. Don’t be blown away by any wave.

Leadership isn’t always fun. But if you continue to learn and grow, you will definitely build a strong influence, that will touch the lives of future generations.



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