I Took My Mum Out On Valentine’s Day and She Blessed Me

I’m glad I did. And it was worth it.

You see, it’s been more than twenty-one years since I lost my dad. My mum didn’t remarry. It was her own choice. I say so because she was still young and beautiful. I sense she must have had a couple of admirers then. But she decided not to marry again.

It took me time to understand the difference between loneliness and being alone. It’s not easy being alone on a day when couples – both young and old – celebrate love and companionship.

I remember some years past, she would tell me to take her out on Valentine’s Day, I usually turned her down. The fact is I just didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the feelings of being alone and missing someone until I watched my friend’s father after he lost his wife.

He was happy with his wife until she died. Since then, I saw that something changed in him. He is no more the same. It’s been tough with him – losing such a wonderful pillar to death. Even my friend misses his mum too.

But this post is about my time with my mum on Valentine’s Day. I’m glad I took her out – not some girl I was chasing but my mum.

We had a wonderful time out – gisting over a meal of roasted fish and some malt drinks.

She was happy too. I could literally see the glow on her face. I’m glad I didn’t turn her down this time around.

Most importantly, she blessed me at the end of the day. And to me, those heartfelt blessings is something that money cannot buy.

It’s true that I’m still single. But I don’t regret it. When I’m married, I want to be able to smile and be truly grateful whenever I reflect on my days of being single.

To me, seeing that glow on my mum’s face, that is a worthy winner for me. And to get those blessings too, I know my future is made.

I want to also use this post to say a big thank you to my good friend, Akan Essien, who encouraged me to take my mum out. Nothing beats having a good friend who encourages you to make the right decision.




Remember That Life Is Not A Straight Road

When you feel alone…

When you feel like nobody understands your pain…

When you feel like you’re all that you have left…

Remember, life will sometimes test you. You will feel the urge to die at times. You will feel like everything that was good that happened was a sham. Don’t give up.

You’re not here to live a perfect life of happiness 100% of the time. You’re here to grow, to learn to accept the things which you have no control over. You are here to believe that things would get better even when  you currently see no reason to believe so.

And when you look around you, and see no hope for a miracle, trust that the path laid out for you will eventually lead you to your desired destination – or an even better one.

Life will not be like a straight road that you drive on smoothly. Life would be like a curvy road on which there are potholes available. Navigating this path will mean you would have to develop the necessary coping skills needed to become good at doing the one thing that you may suck at.

Appreciate those who’ve become family to you. Be thankful for your life journey so far. Take some moment to embrace yourself. Life can be worth it because you showed up.

Life is not a straight road. Remember that. It would help you keep your hope alive. 

BLOGGiNG BLiSS: Would you love to experience it?

Blogging should be a thing of joy.

Rather, many uninformed people and newbie bloggers think it to be boring – or an activity that is way out their league. Also, many bloggers find themselves struggling to experience the blogging bliss.

To experience the blogging bliss, here are 3 reliable tips for you.

At a glance:

  1. Stop envying other bloggers.
  2. Set your own blogging goals.
  3. Enjoy your blogging journey.

1). Stop envying other bloggers. The reason is because you don’t know their own reason for starting up their own blog(s). If you’ve got to do your own thing, then do it. Stop waiting for permission to start your own thing. There is never a perfect time to start up a blog – but there’s a better time to raise capital for a corporate blog network.

2). Set your own blogging goals. The reason is because every successful blogger out there has his or her own goals set for a particular period of the year. You can set your own goals. Your own goals for your blog should be:

  • Short enough to be clearly written down on a handkerchief;
  • Reliable to point that anyone can read it and see the same thing you see in your mind;
  • Time-dependent so that you will identify resource bins (that may come in the form of fake friends) and remove them from your life;
  • Challenging enough to spur you into bold action;
  • Achievable within the time you set;
  • Positive enough to get you excited about the outcome of your focused efforts;
  • Flexible enough to accommodate the set-backs and frustrations that may happen in reality;
  • Okay enough to allow your daily activities to fall within the acceptable level of stress limits that your body can healthily accept.

3). Enjoy your blogging journey. It’s because blogging is fun – irrespective of your own point of view. Imagine the thrills of worrying about deadlines, thinking of your audience, worrying about what people will say in the comment section. All these making blogging an exciting, romantic adventure. I’ll even say that it’s a good profession that makes your heart race with excitement. And of course, not everyday will feel good. But that’s natural. It’s your responsibility to be happy with what you do and where you do it. If it ain’t fun, don’t waste your life. You will never be younger than you currently are today. Enjoy the moment.

Every Blogger is a CEO

As a blogger, Blogging Bliss is when you begin to accept the extent of your interests and your ability to coordinate and manage resources to transform your blog in to an audience magnet.

If you do this right, you’ll be glad you write a blog. You’ll also be happy about the work you do. It doesn’t have to be as big as any CNN blog or TechCrunch.

What matters is that you love what you do.


In line with the message in this post, I’ll list out a sample from the millions of blogs that are lovin’ their thing.

It takes acceptance and endurance to reach the point of blogging bliss. I encourage you to write your blog in the style that makes you smile.


P.S. – If you’ve got a thing or two to say about this post, please feel free to express your feelings in the comments. It’s also okay to include a link to a blog (or two) that makes you proud of bloggers and the blogosphere as a whole.

It doesn’t matter the topic of the blog, just feel free to include them into your comments.