Originality is Relative

Be authentic.

At least, that’s what you might have heard at one point in time.

Be creative: with money, strategy, action, technique etc. The drums just keep on rolling in for you. But will you be adamant?

What is it that you want to say that you think no one has said before?

Being original is not a myth. It’s just a state of mind that is hard to accomplish by default.

Your experiences really matter here. Your inspiration will be tied to the things you perceive to be. What you think, what you see, what you hear and what you feel all add up to give you an inner push in your being.

All I’m saying is that being original is possible. But for you to get to that step in your job or other to-Dos, follow the following three steps.

1. Learn from the best in your industry. You may not need to meet them personally. But chances are that a number of them who are already successful must have written good books that reveal their thoughts on the happenings in your industry, the work attitudes, cultural beliefs of the industry.

2. Practice what you learn from the top skilled people. This is because talk is cheap but doing the main work requires a dose of effort. It’s easier for you to learn from the top skilled folks in your industry if you’re passionate enough. But don’t stop there put what you learn to work – and who knows; maybe you’ll see something new which may expand your career and financial horizons.

3. Adjust your skill to suite your work flow
As technology evolves, new problems are being created. This also means that new solutions will be needed. And the solutions that will matter will be the ones that will help many people do their work with less clutter. If you align your skills to your workflow, you’ll notice that you’ll begin to love your job more. You’ll also appreciate your organization’s leadership decisions better.

Originality is Relative: do you agree? What is it that’s missing in your ‘link’ today? Let’s chat it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Originality is Relative

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