On Forgiveness

close up photo of woman s face posing while biting a silver chain necklace
Photo by THE COLLAB. on Pexels.com

I once heard that when you forgive those who offend you, it doesn’t underrated the hurt. It just means that you’re doing it for yourself. It means you’re willing to let go of the past hurt to heal yourself.

Initially, it took me time to understand this.

Fast forward to 2019, I realized that, for your sanity to remain healthy, don’t wait for those who offend you to come apologize to you before you forgive them.

The reason is because you may never get that apology. And what if that apology never actually comes? (I mean like “ever”) What if that person is so strong headed? Or that set of people who offended you all do have a big ego? What would you do? Would you keep drinking the poison of unforgiveness towards them and never ever let that “event” go?

Like I once said, life does not always go in a straight line. Sometimes, miracles happen out of unlikely situations. People will always interpreted events and make conclusions based on their own bias.

So, keep your heart clean.

Let go.

Let unforgiveness not steal your wellbeing.

Let forgiveness heal you.

That’s it. That’s just it.


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