IMPORTANCE & VALUE: The Connection

Your importance comes from the quality of perceived value that you’re known for.

Life can be absolutely phenomenal.

Writing is one of the best healing methods for people in emotional pain.
I feel free. I’m free. My heart is filled with so much peace and now vengeance is out of my soul. It belongs to God – and not me.

I love the world. Just like God does. God loves me so much. And so do I love him. Or I meant to say that I love him too – so much!

All the doubts that were coming in have now gone. I’ve found my rest in writing. I’ve my way of healing and recovering via writing. All those negative emotions are gone. People have the right to live their normal lives. They have the right to choose – and do I.

Just like me, people have the right to choose. We all have the right to make our choices everyday.

So, our thoughts cause our feelings. And our feelings cause our emotions.

So far I’ve been able to write out 170 words.

Now, I’ve come to understand the writer’s life.

Every good writer has to know how to channel his or her emotions to good use.

For now, I guess that this may be the end of this particular post.



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