ACTION. That’s it.

That’s what separates the wannabes from the I AMs.

Okay, I’ll be straight with you. The words may be hard but it’s to help you grow.

No much ranting. Just hard-on heart to heart words from me.

You see…there is a difference between those who want to be a professional in a particular career and those who have become the professionals in that same professional field.

Who are the wannabes?

Wannabes are those of you who are still dreaming.

They are also those of you who are waiting to gather all the facts to confirm your fears about the possibilities of failure.

My words of encouragement for you are “start with what you currently have.”

Who are the “I Ams”?

Well, the “I Ams” are those are understand the power in the following words:


Let me break it down…

i). BE

The “I AMs” recognize the fact that we are first human beings before we are human doings.

This means that true success starts from inside out – and not the reverse.

ii). DO

Successful people take action. They get stuff done. Not just stuff; but stuff that matters.

They are doers.

They manage their time because they are doers. They plan. They initiate. They manage.

You too have to be a doer. Be inspired to take action.

iii). HAVE

After being and doing, your end result will be that you have what you desired at the beginning of your journey.

I’ll say that this is based on the principle of planting and harvesting.

You have to plant your intention and actions towards reaping your harvest of your professional rewards.

There you have it!

The one thing that separates wannabes from “THE I AMs” is Action.

So, take action today!


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