Break-Break Sleep

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Last evening went well. I had to go spend some time with My Queen – the future Mrs. Wealth.

She kept encouraging me, ‘work is coming’, ‘money is coming’. She told me she believed it very much. So I wondered where she got such faith.

Nevertheless, it got me into some deep thoughts that affected my sleep. I kept waking up at night. I realized that my sleep pattern was not moving as planned because my mind was not relaxed. I’m really thinking of money. I’m thinking of a job also (of which I’ve made much efforts but not found one that suits my skills and abilities yet).

Here am I with such an amazing woman who is ready to spend the rest of my life with me but I’m not financially buoyant enough to initiate the Nigerian wedding sequences.

It’s tough.

It’s rough.

And each day, I fight off the thought of losing her to another man because of this delay.

We’re in love and we’re both crazy about each other. I’m even happy her parents like me and my mom likes her. Our love is growing stronger. But like Nigerians would say in pidgin language, NA MONEY DEY INSULT PERSON.

Still, I say it is well with my soul. As long as there’s life, there’s hope. It will take a miracle for us to get married before 2019 runs out it’s course.

I’m really finding it hard to relax my mind and sleep. Money too much on my mind right now. And waking up so many times throughout the night is the Break-Break Sleep.


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