These feelings of Loneliness 

It’s real.

It feels like a dark tunnel.

Picking up the phone, among my few friends and having a friend in mind to call, but deciding not to call her because she hardly answers the phone on the first two to three rings, I do my best to relax my mind. But it seems tougher than I initially thought. 

The feelings of Loneliness can be tough. It takes your mind to places that you normally would advice people not think of.

You see, I’m normally a hopeful person – very optimistic to be precise. But lately, I have been having periodic feelings of Loneliness. It surprises me because on very many ‘sunny’ days, I enjoy myself + my lone times too. I normally feel like the leader of a fox pack. 

But still, it makes me wonder if stress has contributed to me having these feelings or if my anxiety medication has had an effect on bringing me in touch with my inner feelings that might have been surpresssed over the years.

I have been single for a long while. And I have also enjoyed my Singlehood.

The real question I can’t figure out an answer to is “What or who in heaven’s name am I missing?”

How do really old people manage their feelings of Loneliness? Why should I feel lonely when I have many things to be thankful for?

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