DAILY PROMPT: If I Ruled The World


If I Ruled the World, I would make sure Africa has increased Internet Access at very low data costs.

I’ve learnt so much practical knowledge outside the classroom – all thanks to the internet. I firmly agree that cost effective internet solutions tailored to the various African social segments could create innovative business solutions.

There’s still so much infrastructure development opportunities in Africa. Internet infrastructure is one of them. It is a non-petroleum goldmine.

What do you think about this?

(By the way, this is my 100th post on PBW & Beyond Blog. Now…. that’s a serious milestone.)

5 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT: If I Ruled The World

  1. Congrats on getting to this historic milestone.
    I agree with every word you’ve written about the power of the internet to transform Africa, even the horrible aspects of the internet do not negate that.

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