I checked the time. It was 2:58am.


I tried but I couldn’t sleep anymore. She kept on calling me. Of course, she had been on my mind yesterday.

Attractive, fresh, well groomed – these are the kinds of words I’d say are the best to describe her beauty.

She needed to look like a masterpiece. I needed to have that satisfaction that came from knowing that I had contributed to make her extra beautiful. It was a feeling. It was indeed a good one.

It’s true that I wouldn’t get her to look perfect.

I’ll admit. It’s a tough job. And I’m willing to try.

All I need to do is get her out. I need to see her — I actually love seeing her – in her naked state. Just keep your mind focused here. I’m talking about my writing.


Writing is one creative art that can demand more self-discipline and focus from you.

And you know what?! This is really a good thing.

Imagine the extent that this craft can change you. You face a blank page. You dive in deep within you. You create links. You map out what matters. You prune the excesses to get out something called a draft.

It’s something you avoid doing haphazardly if you want to get a great result.

At first, you have to learn to write whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s babadash or not. You just write.

Of course, this is why it takes effort.

Great writing takes effort. Yet, the simplicity of the product to your reader should be effortless in experience.

And if it has to be that easy to read, I’ve learnt that it will have to take effort to write and the courage to do a bold ton of editing.


That’s a tough part of the job.

But do you know that more important part of doing the actual writing? Well. I’ll tell you.

It is focusing.


In a perfect world, I’ll sit up. Get my machine in position. Then ramp out the words that pour into my brain with perfection.

But you see? This isn’t a perfect world.

So, I guess it’s best to leave the extreme, and face reality.

This will mean showing up, believing I can do this and then begin the actual writing.

This will also mean that every time I want to write, all my phones should be on silent (I’m still working on getting myself to shut down my internet connection. It has to be on if I need to check out a definition or something). Distractions should be avoided as much as possible.

I do this while doing my best to stay calm and focused. It’s all about sitting down and doing the actual writing that needs to be done.


The finished product of writing should look easy for everyone. That’s how the reader should think of it. Easy.  So easy. Like pushing it in… a little bit more. 🙂


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