All Bloggers Don’t Blog for the Same Reason

It’s funny whenever I run into a blog whose owner feels bad for not posting for some months.

I think this stems from two kinds of emotions.

  1. Emotions that originate from the thoughts of a deep sense of obligation to one’s audience.
  2. Emotions that originate from the feelings of insecurity that arise due to competition with other blogs.

My thoughts
I’ll run from ground to the skies. So, let me start from the second point up.

I think competition is kinda dump

There is no need to monitor your competing blogs to the point of obsession.

In fact, there is a thin line between monitoring your competitors and confusing yourself.

Blogging, as every real life blogger knows, is not for the faint of arms. Your arms should always be on standby to write your next posts because inspiration is everywhere.

So, next time you feel insecure about the competition, remind yourself that they worked hard to get to where they are.

While you can get inspiration from them, don’t forget why you started blogging in the first place.

Your sense of obligation to your audience

That’s it.

When you get to the point this feeling envelopes you, you’ll become a blogging superstar.

Why? It is because on the competitive plane, it is hard to be original.

Contrary to the ‘street’ gist, your own creativity will spark into a burning fire that burns your words into your blog.

I’m talking here of burying yourself in your audience interests.

To round up…

Now you’re aware that all bloggers don’t blog for the same reason, I’m sure you’ll sit your ass down for a moment. Grab a mug of coffee and then think of why you started blogging.

Let those answers silently guide you into the blogging superstar that you were meant to be.

That’s it my dear friend.



The Writers’ Attitude

Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.

Who said that? Napoleon Hill said it.

Why? You may ask.

I guess that it’s because he came to the realization that everything happens for a reason.

Nothing just happens on Earth

In this universe of ours, we are always in a state of motion (at least the laws of Physics have told us so).

Whenever we chase our dreams or choose to take a particular action, we will be faced with tough choices if all we want to do is something worthwhile.

As for writing…

A Writer’s Path to Greatness is Tough

Yes you heard me right.

A writer’s path to greatness is tough.

But the good part about his (or her) journey is in the process of transformation.

  • The writer must learn to be disciplined and to discipline himself.
  • The writer must learn to evaluate his strengths and weakness.
  • The writer must learn how to leverage on the strengths of other experts in a healthy way.
  • The writer must be a learner for life.
  • The writer must create time to read in this noisy world.
  • The writer must create time to meditate alone.
  • The writer must learn how to resist the urge of wasting excess hours roaming the net in the name of research.

Tis’ a good thing.

To sum it all up, every challenge serves the writer. Now that’s an attitude that betters all writers.


Write. Write. Write.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hurt – just write.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood – just write.

All writers write.

They don’t wait for the sun to be positioned in the best place for them to do so. They don’t wait for the rain or snow to drop on its usual weight.

Writers don’t give a damn about the weather

They know that this is what they do.

In fact, a number of them think of writing as what they were born to do. And the best way to do so is to begin to do what the do – without minding the critics and the nay sayers.

Call it ambition or destiny.

Be yourself. Express yourself.

Just write. Write. WRITE.