The Act of Writing a Piece

The mere act of writing a piece does not justify you for being a writer.

Every writer understands that the process is not backwards.

You have to first see yourself as a writer before you can truly go about with doing the business of a writer.

Writing is an art form and a really valuable craft on its own. Those who understand this know this to be true. You can’t rely on nothing to produce nothing. You fist have to be the creative self that you imagine before you can truly start the work.

This idea is based on the concept that the writer in you will only emerge after you have embraced your writing self.

Yes. There is your writing self that puts pen to paper – ink to material. That same writing self is the one that hits the keyboard to produce words as emerging and effective enough to change the world for your reader.

It’s in the craft…

It’s in the craft…

So, make this your craft.



I Want to Write

I want to write. Or let me say; I need to write.

I feel the fear creeping in. It’s aim is to keep me from doing – to make me wait for the perfect conditions to write. But I will do what needs to be done now.

I’ll start.


In fact, let me say I’ve already started.


I’m Tired of Struggling to Write Funny?!

I’ve been pondering on the style of writing that uses humour to captivate the audience. The kind that makes the audience want to come back for more.


I’ve come face to face with reality: humour isn’t easy to achieve in practice.

I’m thinking it’s because being funny is a natural gift. And I’m sure it can still be learnt.

I’ll admit that I’m yet to meet anyone who learnt how to be funny. I’m also yet to meet a writer who specializes in writing humour.

Is there a humour writing course out there? I’m really considering a free trial to have a feel of it.

Gosh… I’ve mistakenly used a peppered finger to pull out stuff from my eye. This doesn’t feel good. This really, really, really, doesn’t feel good.


Have you ever tried to write something funny? If you did it, was it easy? How did you go about it? Please let me know in the comments.


I feel the urge to write.

I don’t need to understand why the urge keeps coming on and on. But I’m sure it has to do with something that all of us deeply crave inside – and that is the need to be heard.

The Need to be heard

This is one of the traits that make you human.

Have you ever craved to leave that point of loneliness? Have you ever wished that you no more had any disappoints in your life anymore?

Well… the reality is that as a leader (or upcoming one), you will have to undergo these phases of pain, struggles and betrayals.

It’s not because you’re a bad person. It’s because you have to face the kind of challenges that will shape your character to fulfil your destiny every day.

You are Unique.

In the path of your destiny, you are wise; you are sound and you are mentally alert. The reason is because there is no other person in this world who is the exact copy of you.

You are unique.

Your voice, your finger prints and your destiny are all unique.

The creator designed you specifically for His own purpose and intent. And so, there’s nobody in this world who has the ability to do what you are destined to do like you. If only you accept this truth, then you will open the gates of opportunities into your life.

I’m talking opportunities that fit your skills set, your abilities and your talents and your personality.

If only you embrace the nature of the unique you, you’ll come to discover this one truth: that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WHEN YOU FUNCTION IN YOUR DESITNY.

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the fame.

It’s about doing the things that you were born to do. You’ll get satisfaction, happiness, real friends, fulfilment, joy and love – and most important – TRUE SUCCESS.

What were you born to do? The answer is deep within you.

Just listen to that small, still voice in your heart and then obey it. Trust it to lead and guide you to BE MORE, DO MORE, and HAVE MORE of all you desire.



3 More Reasons You Should Write

Writing is an awesome way to communicate with your audience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing to publish or writing to keep it in your drawer, writing is good stuff.

So, let’s begin…

3 More Reasons You Should Write

1). Writing is healthy for your mind

Can you remember those times you felt bad?

I’m talking of those times you were annoyed; those times you felt bad; those times you were depressed, felt lost, felt discouraged.

Writing can be very helpful in such times.

Not only that, anytime you don’t want to forget a particular task or idea, just write it down.

2). Writing improves your ability to communicate

When it comes to writing, practising everyday is better. As long as your mind works, your have something to say.

It doesn’t matter if it is fifty words – or thirty – or hundred.

Just create time to say something on paper (or screen).

Do it.
Just let it flow.

3). Writing can reveal your undiscovered thoughts

All great writers are continuous learners.

Still, along the way, your writing will help you discover certain traits or talents that you may not have noticed.

The fact is simple: Writing helps!