2015 Top Posts and 15 Countries…


To start this year, I’d like to use this opportunity to share with you the top PBW & Beyond blog posts of 2015.

They are…

(1) @Jenny_Chisom is Here on Her Blog Tour

In this post, I interviewed Jenny Chisom, one of Nigeria’s amazing bloggers. She runs Logos Audibles, a content development company in Nigeria as well as other blogging events in Nigeria.

When you read the interview, you’ll learn more about her person, her blogging style, her ideal blog reader and the challenges she faces as a blogger.

Read @Jenny_Chisom is Here on Her Blog Tour.

(2) All Bloggers Don’t Blog for the Same Reason

In this post, I share my opinion on why bloggers should stop worrying about their posting frequency and competitors.

The main thing you should do is to create time to blog – and enjoy your blogging journey. Stop killing yourself over your blog.

Read All Bloggers Don’t Blog for the Same Reason.

(3) #BLOGGING: 3 Simple Hacks That Will Make Your Blog Post Really, Really Persuasive

A persuasive blog post has the power to draw a reader in. It amplifies the author’s message to connect with the reader. All that is required of you is focused thinking and the ability to give valued content to your audience in a way that encourages them to do what needs to be done.

The main idea of this post is that ‘writing a persuasive blog post is easy’. Just follow the three tips I shared and you’ll be good to go.

Read #BLOGGING: 3 Simple Hacks That Will Make Your Blog Post Really, Really Persuasive.

(4) A Tribute to WordPress

According to Expanded Ramblings’ DMR blog, as of November 7, 2015, the number of pageviews on WordPress blogs monthly equaled 20.3 billion. Also, as of June 26, 2015, the number of posts that have been written with WordPress stands at 2.5 billion.

Those numbers are large.

This further proves one thing. It proves that the WordPress blogging platform has domineeringly been embraced by the blogging community. More and more companies are now running their blogs on the platform more than ever.

This post is all about my appreciation for the WordPress platform.

Read A Tribute to WordPress.

(5) Originality Is Relative

In creative works, there’s the talk of being original.

It’s a feat that has driven some people insane. It’s also a feat that has driven others to fame. Whether its music, business strategy, writing or blogging, you can create something original. Just follow the tips I shared.

In essence, this post contains three tips to help you become original in your work.

Read Originality is Relative.

Thank you again…

I also want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you who visited and read this blog last year.

You all came from a total of 15 countries. Topping the list of countries that visited PBW & Beyond in 2015 are the United States of America, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Thank you to all my WordPress.com and Twitter followers. Thank you for staying loyal to PBW & Beyond in 2015. I appreciate your support.

I look forward to a brighter 2016 year ahead.


Prosper B. Wealth (Founder, Lovegeria)


A Tribute to WordPress

Stirring at the blank screen gives me the crisps. It doesn’t happen every time. But it does. It’s a way of saying: hey! Come back home.

A distracted mind cannot focus. A diligent mind embraces the reality of today’s events and lets it coordinate the actual feelings of the day.
If I met your imaginary friend on my way to your blog, I’ll ask of your blogging secret.

Is there a particular thing you do to get into the blogging mode? What are the things you consider to be worth posting or unpublishing. Do you delete the paragraphs of an already published post? Are your sacrifices worth your efforts?

If I can, I will take turns in purifying the magic that sparks in your mind.
Blogging is one of the things I love to do online.

Thank you WordPress for this evolving platform.


Hackers May Get Better But WordPress Still Grows Stronger

Yes, WordPress has got its own issues.

It’s the same thing with all other blogging platforms. They don’t create everything at once. They provide upgrades over time.

They create value for the world and get blessed in return.

Even though – occasionally – hackers do succeed in tearing down the WordPress dot com security, the Automattic team is still standing strong.

4 Reasons The AUTOMATTIC Team are improving the web with WordPress blogs

  1. They don’t give up.
  2. They know the meaning of “code is poetry”.
  3. They really do listen to customer complaints
  4. The Automattic team see hacking as an opportunity to improve their platform.

There are still so many reasons to love’em.

DISCLAIMER:I’ve been using WordPress blogs since 2008. Ohhh! Less I forget to mention this: I’m a happy fan of Team Automattic.

What happens when the title of a post is not ready?

I found out that many bloggers are fighting with writers block.

As much as blogging is writing, I really don’t think it of writing as a different thing from blogging.

Writing and blogging cross eachother’s path. They are intertwined.

It’s okay to put mental and emotional efforts into your writing. So, when you’re stuck on getting a suitable title for your post, go with the first thing that comes to your mind. You can later edit it. All thanks to the user friendly WordPress dashboard.


PAY DAY BLOGGERS: Look forward to blogging that your ass off

The world of blogging is filled with a lot of unique people. There are those who blog for freedom of expression. There are also those who blog to earn. Then there’s the group that blog to do both – freedom of expression and getting their efforts rewarded come pay day.

We see many of’em blog for different reasons. Some blog to make their unique voices heard (hahahhahh! This is the founding reason of modern day blogging). Other bloggers do it to let go off the day’s stress; while the rest do it to improve their writing talents (of course that’s what I’m using this blog for).

Whether your using Typepad, WordPress, or Blogger to vent off your steam, it is important for you to be yourself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you won’t offend anyone

You don’t need everybody’s approval to be happy. You also don’t need everybody’s approval to discover yourself. For you to blog well, you need to have something to say.

This also means you need to have a life. Blogging needs you to come to the realization that you ARE and always WILL BE a work-in-progress.

How? You may ask me…

The answer is simple: ”All bloggers are learners.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your past experiences or your current living condition or your imaginations of the future you want to live in. Blogging requires you to improve your skill to the point where you can churn yourself – past, present and future. And then weave it into a chewable node that your audience can pick two or more valuables that benefit them in some particular ways.

This positions you to kick ass

Say your mind. Keep learning. Keep dreaming. Keep discovering. Keep connecting the dots.

Then one day will come when you will have to smile as you look back and see…

    You committed to your craft.
    You stood your ground
    You paid your dues
    You sacrificed

…and all paid off.

~ Prosper B. Wealth