ON FANDOM: I’m Not A Fan


Am I a sports fan? No!

Do I love sports? Yes!

In my world, the main sport that unites people of different ethnic groups and social status is soccer (popularly known in Africa as football – Yes… I know you’re not that dumb!). And if there’s a  club I would have been a soccer fan of, that club would have been Chelsea FC.

As I write this post out loud, I got the question: WHY CHELSEA?


My answer to that question is that I really had and still have a lot of Chelsea fans around me. Secondly, I feel like I still have a thing for that blue color.

Even though I don’t create time to watch EPL matches often, I try to get the gist when I can (too bad for Mourinho’s unhappy situation. Hope things turn out fine at Chelsea FC).

As I round up this post, I feel the urge to mention that I’m also a basketball lover. I played it in my secondary school days. It’s been a very long time since I played it. Sadly, as a competition, the last time I played it, my team were beat hands-down. We tried so hard against the better side. We lost the match and were out of the competition. The scores ended 82 – 18 in favour of our opponents. Yet, I get to watch the game once in a while. I still remember what it feels like to hold a basketball, bounce it, throw it in and hear the crowd shout “basket!”.

All in all, I still love sports….. but I’m not really a die hard fan for any sport. Are you?

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WORLD CUP 2014: Spain really lost it this time

The past glory did not save Spain against Holland and againat Chile. Their status as 2014 World Cup favourites didn’t save them too.

Sports Live Shock

It has been a globally perceived shock that Spain has crashed out of the 2014 world cup.

For me, it wasn’t really a surprise. The reason is because after their first match with the Netherlands (Holland), I came to the realization that Spain needed a team of encouraging psychologists to boost their psyche.

No national team is guaranteed a spot in the tournament

Going to Brazil was not going to be a guaranteed smooth ride for any of the participating teams. And it wouldn’t have been smooth for Spain too.

Who would have predicted that Chile would knock Spain out of the World cup tournament. This is not good news to the fans and well-wishers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions.

The lessons

    Life seeks to express itself in many different creative ways.
    Being at the top is no guarantee you’ll remain there.
    Success needs no assumptions. You have to pay your dues so you can later drink your juice.

Any one can be overtaken in life. When you’re in a competitive environment, keep that in mind.

~ Prosper B. Wealth