The Pleasure That Comes From Writing

How would you feel if you had the opportunity to experience your wildest fantasy for free?

Hmmm! I got you thinking right?!!!

Imagine a perfect world were you get to be who you were meant to be. That perfect world that you live the life you want, wear the clothes you want, love and be loved by the people you want. That same world were there is so much peace and happiness and fulfiling activites to do everyday – all in it’s glory – so perfect in details and colouring.

Writing gives you the limitless opportunity to explore this world in your mind.

You don’t get to experience any kind of barriers in your imagination. You could have dinner with the president of your country with professional security detail and transport at your service. You could play a game of chase with the richest man in your country in your private castle. There are no limits except the ones you place on your writing.

On a blank sheet [or screen], you give yourself the full legal authority to vent off those toxic emotions of the day. You own the opportunity to re-write the events of yesterday to your taste. You also get the opportunity to wrote what your tomorrow would be like.

There’s a healthy dose of pleasure in writing.

What have you written today? Use the comment section to say something about your blog and add a link to ONLY one of your favourite writings.



The Impossible is Possible

Every material thing in this century was once an impossible thought in the minds of at least one generation in history.

There was a time people never believed in history. People never imagined that humans would one day fly in airplanes; drive in autos; and easily connect with others around the world using technology.

Don’t let culture and technology limit your imagination on what’s possible.