DON’T HANG THAT TOWEL! There’s still hope…

You’ve nurtured your dream for years and now you want to give up? Don’t.

Don’t think of it.

There are so many people who won because they tried one more time.

Try one more time. It may be your last shot but it may be THE decisive move.

Trust me, don’t hang your towel yet.

Based on what I’ve experienced over and over again in my private life – the nay sayers are always proved wrong at the end of the dark tunnel. You too will be an exceptional success story.



Writers Are Not Losers

Yes, you heard me right. Writers are not losers. They’re all potential winners.

It doesn’t feel good to see how certain people refer to writers as losers. A writer is not a loser. It’s one of those stupid myths out there.

Writing was not my dream. For me, it’s one of the essential skills I have to develop because of its benefits to my long term career goals.

But interestingly, I have come to know a number of writers online. They dreamed of that status – that prestige – of being called a writer.

I have also come to know that most of them have spent years writing in practice. They devoted more than ninety percent of their leisure time to express themselves by using the written word. Until the mass availability of computers, many of them wrote on paper. They didn’t care whether the paper was white or brown or stained. They just wrote. They wrote out their anger. They wrote out their pain.

These awesome people still write everyday.

They write at work. They write at home. The write when they are happy. They write when they are sad. The write when they feel healthy and they also write when they’re sick.

And so I’m using this opportunity to encourage all you writers, don’t let anybody put you down. From my blogging experience so far, I’ve learnt that it takes discipline and continuous dedication to become a better writer.

I don’t care if they call you a nerd or a geek or they mock you, just ignore the fools out there.

The human race keep developing because of the awesome jobs that writers do. With the growing number of writers and bloggers around the world, I can confidently say that writers are not losers. In fact, history has repeatedly shown us that even losers are potential winners.

All in all, writers are winners. As a writer, you may not have won yesterday. You may not even win today or tomorrow morning. But you will surely win. Ther’s no need to be anxious on it.

Dedicate your time to improving your craft. Eventually, the world will come to pay you for the value you created – that brings like to mankind.

Life never forgets dedicated writers. You will be rewarded.

Keep it up folks. Well done!



It sucks, right?!…

… That feeling of getting stuck on the path to greatness.

You just want to keep moving on forward but you feel you’ve lost too much steam to continue your journey to your own promise land.

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

You’re not the only person trying to turn a dream into reality.

And yes, the emotions you’re currently feeling have been felt by other people who went on the same journey like yours in the past.

What you can do now

When those feelings of hopelessness come to you, don’t fight them. Just let them flow through your mind. And as the negative voices start to speak in your head, position yourself into a calm state, shut your mouth tight and talk to them with your inner voice.

Talk to those self-limiting inner voices

Tell them that you’re in charge of your thoughts – not them.

Tell them that it’s okay to fail. Tell them that it’s okay to learn from your past mistakes.

Tell them that each challenge you face on your path is determined to make you a better person.

Keep in mind…

Know that all your experiences in life are designed to make you grow in character, discipline, skill and wisdom.

I encourage you today…

Do NOT be afraid of failure.

Don’t think of failure before you hit the action button.

Learn to use fear to your advantage – coz all successful people do so.

All successful people once failed in one or all of their ventures. I too had my own failures. But the sweetest part of a life journey is in counting the blessings that happen in each victory.

Recognize and Celebrate Your Past, Present and Future Victory Points

Each story behind your victory is important.

It is the story that reminds you that even though you failed, you still returned to win – and you did win.

  • You disappointed the critics, the nay-sayers and the cowards.
  • You were courageous.
  • You put out fires.
  • You destroyed myths.
  • You controlled your ego and came back victorious.

Remind yourself that every victory that you’ll experience will be among your testimonies for life.

You can do it…

I say you can make it. If I say you can, what are you saying to yourself?

Feel the pain. It’s what makes you human.

Rise again. It’s what makes you a courageous super human.