All Bloggers Don’t Blog for the Same Reason

It’s funny whenever I run into a blog whose owner feels bad for not posting for some months.

I think this stems from two kinds of emotions.

  1. Emotions that originate from the thoughts of a deep sense of obligation to one’s audience.
  2. Emotions that originate from the feelings of insecurity that arise due to competition with other blogs.

My thoughts
I’ll run from ground to the skies. So, let me start from the second point up.

I think competition is kinda dump

There is no need to monitor your competing blogs to the point of obsession.

In fact, there is a thin line between monitoring your competitors and confusing yourself.

Blogging, as every real life blogger knows, is not for the faint of arms. Your arms should always be on standby to write your next posts because inspiration is everywhere.

So, next time you feel insecure about the competition, remind yourself that they worked hard to get to where they are.

While you can get inspiration from them, don’t forget why you started blogging in the first place.

Your sense of obligation to your audience

That’s it.

When you get to the point this feeling envelopes you, you’ll become a blogging superstar.

Why? It is because on the competitive plane, it is hard to be original.

Contrary to the ‘street’ gist, your own creativity will spark into a burning fire that burns your words into your blog.

I’m talking here of burying yourself in your audience interests.

To round up…

Now you’re aware that all bloggers don’t blog for the same reason, I’m sure you’ll sit your ass down for a moment. Grab a mug of coffee and then think of why you started blogging.

Let those answers silently guide you into the blogging superstar that you were meant to be.

That’s it my dear friend.



PBW & Beyond Blog in 2015: Long form, Short form, All form

Writing is an art. Blogging is a science.

And if you think like a social scientist, you’ll realize the power in the use of words.

Words have influenced people for generations. Words have made people think. Words have made people meditate on the events that are good, bad and ugly.

It is not always a bad thing to express yourself using words. But using words to paint a picture in the minds of people requires a constant learning spirit. If you understand this, then you will be ready.

What will you be ready for?

You will be ready for my 2015 multi-style blogging on PBW & Beyond.

It’s about the writer’s art. It is his ability to take charge of his work. Using it to help his readers get better in different areas of their lives. It is about helping them experience joy and humour – although I’ll admit, humour is not easy for all creative people. But the most important thing of all is to make the blogging experience ALL about the readers.

And so…

I’m happy for the gift of life and the grace to use my words to help you. The reason is because YOU are important. You’re a VIP. If you weren’t, I won’t be blogging.

Consequently, in 2015, I’ll be trying out both long form and short form content.

How’bout you?

Do you use both long form and short form writing on your blog? Let’s hear your experience and preferred style in the comments.

Write. Write. Write.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hurt – just write.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood – just write.

All writers write.

They don’t wait for the sun to be positioned in the best place for them to do so. They don’t wait for the rain or snow to drop on its usual weight.

Writers don’t give a damn about the weather

They know that this is what they do.

In fact, a number of them think of writing as what they were born to do. And the best way to do so is to begin to do what the do – without minding the critics and the nay sayers.

Call it ambition or destiny.

Be yourself. Express yourself.

Just write. Write. WRITE.


PAY DAY BLOGGERS: Look forward to blogging that your ass off

The world of blogging is filled with a lot of unique people. There are those who blog for freedom of expression. There are also those who blog to earn. Then there’s the group that blog to do both – freedom of expression and getting their efforts rewarded come pay day.

We see many of’em blog for different reasons. Some blog to make their unique voices heard (hahahhahh! This is the founding reason of modern day blogging). Other bloggers do it to let go off the day’s stress; while the rest do it to improve their writing talents (of course that’s what I’m using this blog for).

Whether your using Typepad, WordPress, or Blogger to vent off your steam, it is important for you to be yourself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you won’t offend anyone

You don’t need everybody’s approval to be happy. You also don’t need everybody’s approval to discover yourself. For you to blog well, you need to have something to say.

This also means you need to have a life. Blogging needs you to come to the realization that you ARE and always WILL BE a work-in-progress.

How? You may ask me…

The answer is simple: ”All bloggers are learners.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your past experiences or your current living condition or your imaginations of the future you want to live in. Blogging requires you to improve your skill to the point where you can churn yourself – past, present and future. And then weave it into a chewable node that your audience can pick two or more valuables that benefit them in some particular ways.

This positions you to kick ass

Say your mind. Keep learning. Keep dreaming. Keep discovering. Keep connecting the dots.

Then one day will come when you will have to smile as you look back and see…

    You committed to your craft.
    You stood your ground
    You paid your dues
    You sacrificed

…and all paid off.

~ Prosper B. Wealth