#2015: This Journey’ll Get Better

It’s been a great year 2014. And I’m grateful to all the Very Important Persons who have influenced me and blessed my work in different ways.

I’m also saying thank you to you the PBW & Beyond community. You all have been awesome.

Here’s to a more life enriching 2015.




Shut Your Mouth and Listen: #TIME IS LIFE

Yes you heard me right. Time is life.

If you were given a chance to die, you won’t easily take up on the offer – especially if you have things going on well with you.

Your life is measured in years. And these years are measured in months. And these months are measured in weeks. And these weeks are measured in days; days in hours; hours in minutes. And the minutes of your life are measured in seconds. That’s all time. Hence, your life is measured in time. This translates to the fact that your time is life.

What are you going to with the extra time you have until 2014 ends?

Think about it. And take action.


Merry Christmas 2014!

Hmmmm! Helloooooooooo!,

Merry Christmas!

I encourage you to take advantage of this Christmas holidays to review your life, your tiny wins, your 2014 activities and the key events that happened in your life this year. Check for the correlation between your efforts and the outcomes of your decisions. Then start setting your own 2015 goals!

In advance, I’m wishing you a really happy and financially better 2015!


My Beautiful Monday Note!

Okay… today is a beautiful Monday. I love Mondays because it’s an amazing day to start the week in love and happiness.

And then there’s nothing that beats the feeling if waking up with the heart of a child. I’m talking where you feel the early morning breeze.

It’s also a good day to be grateful for the amazing gifts of life that the creator has blessed us with.

It’s amazing though, to think of this xmas as another best Christmas season.

I’m thankful for all the blessings and opportunities that have happiness in my life this year. And I say thank you to everyone who has directly and indirectly influenced my decisions to succeed – TO BE MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE of the desires of my heart.

Thank you all for helping me meet my 2014 goals.

I’m happy and excited for this week.


Happy October 2014

Happy new month to everyone.

It is my wish that you all prosper this October.

I encourage you to make progress this month.

Appreciate every step you take. Feel the power in your heart. Let that power in you guide you. Let that power lead you.

It is my prayer that you move forward.

Live life to the full.

Once again, happy October 2014.

To your success,

WORLD CUP 2014: Spain really lost it this time

The past glory did not save Spain against Holland and againat Chile. Their status as 2014 World Cup favourites didn’t save them too.

Sports Live Shock

It has been a globally perceived shock that Spain has crashed out of the 2014 world cup.

For me, it wasn’t really a surprise. The reason is because after their first match with the Netherlands (Holland), I came to the realization that Spain needed a team of encouraging psychologists to boost their psyche.

No national team is guaranteed a spot in the tournament

Going to Brazil was not going to be a guaranteed smooth ride for any of the participating teams. And it wouldn’t have been smooth for Spain too.

Who would have predicted that Chile would knock Spain out of the World cup tournament. This is not good news to the fans and well-wishers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions.

The lessons

    Life seeks to express itself in many different creative ways.
    Being at the top is no guarantee you’ll remain there.
    Success needs no assumptions. You have to pay your dues so you can later drink your juice.

Any one can be overtaken in life. When you’re in a competitive environment, keep that in mind.

~ Prosper B. Wealth