State of Calmness 

That state of calmness that you reach and worry about nothing. Bliss. 


Congratulations Nigeria 

3 points in the bag for Nigeria.Yay!

Thank you Musa

Thank you Moses

Thanks to the rest of the team and the coach for giving their best.

The second half of the game was a great thing of beauty and success. 

We pray for you to sustain this winning momentum against Argentina. 

Congratulations Again! 

Unai Emery says he wants to make Arsenal ‘the best team’ 

Not going to be an easy work in the park. Especially considering the fact that the English Premier League is getting tougher and more mentally tasking for players in light of more marketing and psychological pressure/tactics internationally in recent years. 

Wishing Unai Emery the best of time at Arsenal.

Thoughts also go out to all Arsenal fans who developed health issues under Wenger’s latter years at Arsenal. Lolzzzzz 😃