2015 Week 50: I enjoyed reading these posts


To clear things up, know that Press It is the main idea behind this post.

Now, lets get to it. Shall we?


Last week, I read many posts. Yet, the ones that stood out enough for me to highlight were posted on Mashable, MTV and Inc .

1). Mashable:

This post was titled “Kim Kardashian Hollywood somehow got us to spend real money on fake life“.

According to the Mashable post, the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app was a hit. It pocketed $1.6M in its first five days of release.

My thoughts: I tried to imagine why people would want to use this app. I later figured that this app really has a sentimental value. Majority of people who spent real money on the app wanted to feel the experience of the A-list celebrity life.

From a marketing-psychology perspective, I’d say this app made (and still makes) good cash because it tapped into the intangible needs of so many people – the need for social value and recognition.

Have you tried smiling with your eyes before? (Yep, I’m not sure I could do it CONSCIOUSLY) Well, the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App can teach you that ‘valuable skill’.

2). MTV:

This MTV post is about a model named Essena O’Neill. She quit Instagram because of her reconfigured self-image. In fact, the post title said it all; “The Model Who Quit Social Media Reveals How Instagram Twisted Her Sense of Body Image“.

In the post, there is a link to an O’Neill video.

In the video, she is said to have spoken about her obsession with achieving the perfect body.

In a quote from the video, O’Neill said “I was happy when I looked like the girls that I admired when I was younger.”

My thoughts: The perfect body structure is a myth. Skipping meals and settling for unhealthy physical goals can negatively affect a person’s later sense of self. In the extreme cases, death might occur.

Social Media is here to stay. It is very important for you to know who you listen to – coz some feeds are just not healthy – in the long run, they dry up the soul.

P.S.: In the MTV post, there is a link to Essena O’Neill‘s video.

3) Inc:

This year, Gravity Payments has gained a stronger press coverage – all thanks to CEO Dan Price decision to establish a $70,000 minimum wage at his [Gravity Payments] company.

It is interesting to learn how his decision is influencing the American business community.

Here’s a little highlight from the Inc article titled: “Here’s What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage“.

i) #imwithdan is the face of this wage debate.

ii) Professors at Harvard Business School asked to study Dan Price’ experiment in paying workers.

iii) Currently, Gravity Payment revenue is growing at double digit rates. Hence, countering various spells of doom for the company.

iv) The Gravity Payment customer retention rate rose from 91% to 95%.

My thoughts: I like this Dan Price guy. He’s a guy who dreams big. He is ready to restructure his finances and relationships to make things happen – now that’s a statement.

This Dan Price guy has got balls and a strong dose of faith.

I love faith.

When you’re on the path of faith, you’ll take actions that position you for greater successes.

And so I’m wishing Dan Price the best of favours. I believe everything will turn out fine for him.


That’s it!

Those are my three most enjoyed posts of last week.

Share your thoughts on any of the posts that do strike a thought in your mind.

Cheers! …and happy commenting!!



DAILY PROMPT: If I Ruled The World


If I Ruled the World, I would make sure Africa has increased Internet Access at very low data costs.

I’ve learnt so much practical knowledge outside the classroom – all thanks to the internet. I firmly agree that cost effective internet solutions tailored to the various African social segments could create innovative business solutions.

There’s still so much infrastructure development opportunities in Africa. Internet infrastructure is one of them. It is a non-petroleum goldmine.

What do you think about this?

(By the way, this is my 100th post on PBW & Beyond Blog. Now…. that’s a serious milestone.)

MY THANKSGIVING: I’m Back and Sundry

I feel blessed to be back.

Without good health, life is just a wastage of days.

Yep! I’m back to the point where I feel blessed to be stable in health – a point where I can draft my thoughts to the world while feeling comfortable in my own skin.

And so… I’m using this time to be grateful for my health. Without good health, life is just a wastage of days.

I look forward to doing more ramblings on this blog.

As for you my dear reader (and awesome blog followers), Season’s Greetings! I’m really blessed to have you in the PBW & Beyond community. I look forward to reading your blogs too.

Remain blessed!

Prosper B. Wealth

Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: Two WordPressers Share Their Secrets

Okay… choosing the perfect domain name is something a lot of bloggers struggle with – especially the newbies.

When I decided to name my blog “PBW &Beyond”, it was a happy decision. This was because PBW & Beyond reflected the frequency, topics and style of my writings on this blog. I choosed PBW & Beyond because I came to the realization that on some days, I might prefer to share a topic that relates to writing and blogging. And on other days, I might prefer to share any ramblings that interest me in the form of reblogs or rough notes.

So, I don’t care how long you’ve been struggling with the concept around your domain name. One thing I can say is that this post from interviewing two wordpress bloggers on their blog names might influence your blog name decision.

At the end of the day, you just have to go with what works best for you and your audience. Just make sure it is easy to pronounce and memorable enough to spell.

Enjoy this post.

The Daily Post

We discover different types of blogs in our community, from travel to food to parenting, with memorable and clever names. You may notice that a number of blogs on WordPress.com have unique web addresses, or custom domains: instead of mysite.wordpress.com, their address is mysite.com. Bloggers get custom domains for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s a great way to build and solidify your presence across the Internet. You can register a new domain through WordPress.com; you can also use a domain you already own with your WordPress.com site, which is called domain mapping.

A crucial step before purchasing a custom domain is deciding on the right name for your blog. Since selecting a name that best reflects your content is so important, we wanted to share insights from two writers on WordPress.com — Sarah and “C.J.’s Mom” — on how they ended up with names they were happy with.

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Young and free?

Age should not be the reason you lose your sense of freedom. Despite the trials and temptations you face, create time to enjoy your gift of liberty…. coz when there’s life, there’s hope.

jamyjen's town

Remember those times when we ran around shirtless..
Those times when we danced in the rain,
Those times when we played with dirt, and cared less what people thought…

We were able to scream at the middle of the store because we did not get that candy we wanted
We were able to climb a tree or throw stones at it..
We were aware of the consequences but taking the risk was exciting!
We were able to say things the way they came to our minds…absolutely no filter!
We were free….

Now are we getting old and guarded?…
No!!!…..redefine free..
Go see places you have never seen before,
Go lay under the stars

Climb to the top of a mountain and shout as loud as you can
Be bold. Be fearless. Love with passion!
Aim for those aspirations they said u could not achieve…

Freedom does not end as the…

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Through it all, there was a dog

Dogs are wonderful creatures. Although they are known to be man’s best friend, they have an nice way of communicating to their owners.

My dogs are named Tussy and Warrior. I lost their mom (Nita) to death at the beginning of this year.

With a dog in your life, there is always a lesson to be learned in your relationship with them. By the way, it’s also a therapeutic relationship.

Do enjoy this piece from Jen.

The Trailhead

Seven years ago, when my first marriage of fifteen years unexpectedly went belly up, I was involuntarily launched on what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey. There are other names for this kind of experience. The writer Elizabeth Lesser calls it the Phoenix Process. Dante called it “the dark woods.” Whatever you call it, it’s a time of upheaval, pain, and eventually, transformation.  And to be sure, the year I spent ending my marriage and recovering – perhaps from the marriage as much as the divorce – was one of the most powerful and potent of my life. I still look back on it with a sense of respect and awe.

What I didn’t understand for a long time, though, was that the year of my divorce was only the beginning of a much longer voyage. Life had a great deal more in store for me than merely the end of…

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Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Even If Nobody Encourages You

This article is meant to motivate you and to encourage you. If you have been shamed or mocked at because of your dream or career, DON’T GIVE UP on your aspirations. There’s really so much you can be if only you will listen to that still small voice in you that says you can.



Whenever you try to make positive changes in your life, you’ll experience resistance.

Sometimes, the resistance is internal, meaning you vs. yourself.

Waking up earlier to go to the gym sucks. Much easier to press “snooze.” Politely declining that slice of pizza when your coworkers just happen to be throwing another impromptu party….agony.

Same thing with starting a business. Sometimes you put so many obstacles in your own way that you forget why you wanted to start the damn thing to begin with.

That’s all internal resistance to change. Usually, that type of resistance is actually a good sign. It means you’re stretching yourself. But along with internal resistance, you’ll also face a lot of external resistance from people around you.

From parents who tell you to “be realistic”… “I know you like dance…but are you sure you don’t want to major in computer science? Starting salary is $80,000!”

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Clay’s Journey

The metaphor of life in the potter’s workshop.

Raindrops & Fireflies

Do you know?

When the Potter starts to wedge you…

You realize that you are full of impurities that needed to be cleaned. So many little pebbles and bitterness that needed to be taken out. So many rough edges that needed to be carved out. And as you spin on a wheel, bracing yourself for an unknown change… you slowly learn that you have to be soft and mendable enough to be shaped by the Potter’s hands. It’s a process where you can do nothing but to trust. And yet you realize that you must pass this battle without losing yourself.

When the Potter puts you on the shelf…

You are left to wait so you would truly know what patience means. You learn that the saying “time spent waiting is wasted” is not necessarily true. Minutes turn to hours. Hours turn to days, weeks, and years. And you accept that…

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How To Go From Small Talk To Deep Relationships


I love those beautiful nights under the stars, engulfed in conversations about life, purpose and love. When time stands still and the only thing that exists is the connection between you and the other person.

Those are the connections that I live for.

I think everyone has that deeply beautiful side to them, just waiting for someone to reach out and connect to it. Sometimes I just want to walk up to a person and ask them about their dreams, the things they are afraid of and the disappointments that have forged their character.

I want to know every detail about them, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I love that imperfectly perfect image that you discover as you chip away the walls that we build so high.

But you can’t connect to someone on that level right away. You need to start somewhere and build rapport, and there…

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