Unai Emery says he wants to make Arsenal ‘the best team’¬†

Not going to be an easy work in the park. Especially considering the fact that the English Premier League is getting tougher and more mentally tasking for players in light of more marketing and psychological pressure/tactics internationally in recent years. 

Wishing Unai Emery the best of time at Arsenal.

Thoughts also go out to all Arsenal fans who developed health issues under Wenger’s latter years at Arsenal. Lolzzzzz ūüėÉ



Is Your Pastor Dumb Too?

The rate at which divorce is creeping into the church is becoming alarming.


The striking thing is that many religious leaders are just plainly dumb. They live in a fantasy land – keeping their head high – until it’s too late.

Is the church culture fast becoming a religious dogma? Are religious organizations doing enough to encourage people to seek practical help?

A research bears the hidden reality of this story. Read it all here.

How the World Uses the Internet in 60 Seconds


I found this article while reading my tweets.

And so I thought it wise to share it with you. Of course, you may not need to read it. But I really do think that reading should NOT be limited to information purposes only. You should be able to enjoy a good read for entertainment purposes.

Well, if you find this post interesting enough, then you should check it out.

Here’s a quote on how the world uses the internet in sixty seconds:

“The internet gained 316 million new users in 2014 and saw incredible growth in virtually every category of social media usage and ecommerce, from the number of Instagram photos uploaded to Amazon sales per minute.”

I also love the line that says “everyone is a creator and curator.

Here’s the Article Source.