Being an expert requires action. You have to be committed to the improvement of your craft. Things change over time. Innovations improve over time.

We all get curious of different stuff. This curiosity will continue to lead us as a human race to take numerous decisions that will favour the advancement of the human race.

It’s easy to think of coming up with different reasons for the quality of work you do. But the truth still remains: if you want to succeed, you have to be committed to your personal and professional development.

As the government are doing their own part to develop the economy [at their own pace 🙂 oinks!!!!], you are solely responsible to develop your own individual economy. Your expertise is your responsibility to think of, to care for, and to nourish. You don’t have to depend on other people for ALL your ideas. Go out and search for information. But don’t stop there coz it’s very possible to fall into a state of analysis paralysis.

Success needs dreams – a continuous use of the power of the mind – and a commitment to take action. It doesn’t matter if your action is huge or small. You just have to take that action.

To take action in the right direction, you will have to set goals, control your use of technology, and learn to solve problems in your field.


The quality of your life will depend on the quality of your priorities.

What are your priorities? If you’re not sure of it or you’ve never taken some time out to think about your life, well, I’ll tell you.

There are three kinds of priorities.
1. Priorities marked High
2. Priorities marked Medium
3. Priorities marked Low

You are responsible for determining the level of your priorities. A careful analysis of your personal and professional activities will tell you about your priorities.

The activities you value most are the priorities that are marked high. The ones you mark as medium are the ones that can be postponed until a future date. The priorities you mark as low can be those activities that you can always cross off your list for a better alternative that can happen impromptu.

To restructure your activities to succeed in your core expertise, you have to set goals.

Goals are your door to more opportunities for personal and professional advancement. You have to have plans – and those plans have to be consistent with the principle of abundant life.

You goals should move you forward. They should move you to be more, do more and have more.

To make your goals work for you, make it SMART.

SMART means your goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented and Timely.


Technology can be useful in a lot of ways. On the other hand, technology can be harmful to your productivity.

A look into the life of successful professional people will let you in on one secret: they control their use of technology and not the reverse. They understand that tech can fail too. I suggest you start writing your to-do-lists on a piece of paper and ‘pocket’ that phablet for the next two hours.

In fact, your control of technology can add more control to your time. You’ll know when to stop using a particular piece of tech and leave that building for a drink with the people you care about.

Let technology be the tool that can help you do your work faster and better.


Every field of expertise exists to solve problems.

If there are no problems in your intended profession, there will be nothing for you to do. That also means that there will be nothing for you to earn.

This is because your ability to grow in a FULFILLING career is tied to your ability to solve problems in your profession. And your ability to solve problems in your profession will determine the quality of professional people you meet.


All skills are learnable. You can learn whatever topic that you’re interested in – if only you’re determined enough. Nothing on earth can stop you except you.

Of course, that’s why there are professional schools everywhere.

Choose your area of interest. Learn your craft. And become better at what you do.

But before that…


What’s your experience on having goals to achieve? Do you find it easy to set goals? Or do you just go about your career with the ‘whatever-comes’ mindset? Let’s talk about’em in the comments.



Your mind is a gift from the creator. You are responsible for the way you use it. Develop it. Train it. Care for it.

Use it to paint your life beautifully.

Don’t wait for other people to tell you how sweet you are. Start it with yourself. Do embrace yourself.

Accept that you have a role in shaping your life. It first starts with your thoughts. Don’t monitor your thoughts.
Just think happy thoughts today and always.

Sometimes, life will be rough, but with your actions, your own mind can be controlled by you.

Live happy.


School, Dreams and Murderers

Why do we have schools that contain murderers who kill dreams? That’s what this post is all about.

Today’s post is a kind of a shoot-in-the-face kind of post. I’m directing it to a particular breed of teachers – the ones who are so blinded by their fears, regrets, safe incomes and job perks. These ones consciously (and sometimes unconsciously) take actions and say words that kill the dreams of their students.


It’s sad when a person gets a job just for the sake of the money and financial benefits. Then annoyingly does everything to mould your child into that dogma-shaped employee.

By doing so, they block future inventions. They decline the potential number of future inventors who may have the answers of the future. The ones that may have the breakthrough ideas that will help to solve national security challenges, solve regional epidemic problems, help to avert a residential health crises, help to generate jobs and wealth for different nations of the world.

What is the purpose of education?

I am of the school of thought that education was supposed to improve the lives of its recipients.

Mark these words: children are gifts from above.


Many destinies have been shaped poorly by negative teachers who discouraged youngsters.

We see instances where hobbies are discontinued. Passions are refocused in a way that negatively re-aligned these kids to think bad about pursuing their dreams. Tis’ bad they attempt to make their students and to even feel they are not “normal”.


This is Manipulation at work at it’s highest best.

The truth about this manipulative way of grooming up a child is focused on a hidden truth: I should have been a _________. I messed up. So you have to fulfil my dream of being a _________.

My Question is…

Many teachers today are no more passionate about the work they do. Can we blame this on the system put in place by the politically motivated economic class or the upbringing of the current teachers?

I thought children were (including their dreams, talents, personalities and hobbies) were supposed to be influenced and NOT manipulated to make their choices.

~ Prosper B. Wealth