1. A system will reveal it’s true nature when placed in the right scenario. It doesn’t matter if this system is a brand, a culture, a tradition or a friend.

2. Every human being is a potential winner.

3. Anyone can be overtaken in life.

4. Never stop learning.

5. No being knows you better than your creator.

6. Four percent of the people in your life are those who will influence your life to be better. It is your job to discover them, hold unto them and never let them go.

7. Love that is dependent on a gift or activity will ALWAYS, ALWAYS fade when that gift or activity is taken away.


Welcome to PBW & Beyond.

I’m the relationship blogger at, where I focus on boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. When I’m not geeking out on relationships, you’ll find me reading a book, reading an online article, connecting with my friends or spending time with my family. You can follow me for relationship tweets on @prosperbwealth.

This is my personal blog on wordpress dot com.

I intend to use it for my ramblings – to spill me guts here using my thoughts of nothingnesses and randomnesses.

This blog is growing with me. It is changing with me. It is evolving based on my life experiences, daily discoveries, learnings from other experts, and also my thoughts and personal opinions.


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