These 3 issues scare people from starting a business

I’ll be honest with you; starting a business is not for everyone.

But just in case you want to dip your feet in the water, there are 3 issues that may scare you from starting.

  1. You are scared of failing later
  2. You doubt if your hustle would become successful
  3. You have nobody to guide you on this journey

Now, let’s take a simple look at each of them.


Everybody feels fear. But the difference between champions and weaklings lies on a thin knife edge. That knife edge is the combination of faith and courage.

Faith is the belief that something you expect will definitely happen. Courage is simply doing what you have to do – even if you feel afraid that things might not go as planned.

Feel the fear, but don’t let it stop you. Do this by focusing your mind on the outcome and not the challenges.


Doubt has killed more dreams and quality business ideas than any of the world wars.

You cannot become successful if you live in the sea of doubt majority of the time. Like attracts like, and so, doubt would naturally attract more reasons for you to doubt.

My recommendation is for you to just dive. Whatever the outcome, be open to learning from it.


Every top athlete has a coach.

You cannot be successful in modern times on your own. You’ve got to have one or two EXPERIENCED people you listen to.

The thing with the business world is that most of the very experienced people are usually busy living their lives. One way to hack into their schedule is to exchange cash for their time. If they accept to mentor you, please, don’t waste your time with them. Take action on their recommendations.

The latter is supposed to be greater than the former. By learning from those who are ahead of you, you get to have ideas that would guide you.

When you are guided into the right business that fits your skills and personality, you won’t struggle.

You would also make more money working fewer hours than someone who works twice harder, but is not a good fit for your line of business.


The 3 issues that scare people from staring a business are…

  1. You are scared of failing later
  2. You doubt if your hustle would become successful
  3. You have nobody to guide you on this journey

And it’s perfectly okay.

Whatever you get to decide, just have peace, stick to your vision, and enjoy the ride too.

May these help you make better decisions on your journey.


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