Election Month… My Candidate Has Been Manipulated

Happy new month.

It is well known that Nigeria will be having her elections next week.

I had in mind to vote for the Social Democratic Party Presidential Candidate – Mr. Donald Duke.

But sadly, I just learnt today that yesterday, his party’s National Executive Council decided to endorse President Buhari of the APC.

This to me is cunning, especially when I think of the fact that Donald Duke is still the Presidential Candidate of the party – even after winning his suit with Jerry Gana in court.

It is a saddening situation that a few group of people want to use trickery and deceit to endorse the sitting president for a second term.

Donald Duke was a great alternative and fresh air to the circle of recycled politicians at the top of affairs in Nigeria.

Since Donald Duke has not had the privilege of campaigning enough to increase his clout, I have decided to vote in Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on the day for the Presidential Elections.

My PVC is ready.
Elections here I come.

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