Receiving Your Christmas Gift Is Not The Key To Happiness

Just because you are lucky to receive a Christmas gift this year does not mean your life is perfect. It doesn’t mean that all your problems are gone. It also does not mean that your happiness will be complete.

Not receiving a gift does not translate to being miserable. Just as receiving a gift does not translate to you being happy and satisfied.

You can be receiving a gift and still feel empty and lonely. Lost and possibly depressed.

Receiving a gift from someone who cares about you will likely bring you a level of comfort – but it will in no way make your happiness complete automatically. It will not make you feel contented. It will not complete you.

Even after you receive your special gift, you are still going to struggle with yearnings for a better life – something that is not in your everyday ordinary existence. This feeling may take a day or more but it is real. You will still have to endure a level of infinite dissatisfaction and cognitive dissonance.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Caring for yourself and wanting the best for you shouldn’t be something you feel guilty about. This is because this back-and-forth feeling happens to the best of us.

The most important thing is that you shouldn’t live in a perpetual state of want. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Allow things be.

Receiving your Christmas gift is not going to magically turn you into a happy person. It is a true heart of gratitude that releases the magic of life, good feelings and true contentment.

And even if you don’t find joy in your Christmas gift, understand that human desires are complex. What you thought would give you satisfaction, may not.

So, receiving your Christmas gift is not the key to happiness. It is just one piece in the happiness puzzle of the season.

Merry Christmas.


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