ON FANDOM: I’m Not A Fan


Am I a sports fan? No!

Do I love sports? Yes!

In my world, the main sport that unites people of different ethnic groups and social status is soccer (popularly known in Africa as football – Yes… I know you’re not that dumb!). And if there’s a  club I would have been a soccer fan of, that club would have been Chelsea FC.

As I write this post out loud, I got the question: WHY CHELSEA?


My answer to that question is that I really had and still have a lot of Chelsea fans around me. Secondly, I feel like I still have a thing for that blue color.

Even though I don’t create time to watch EPL matches often, I try to get the gist when I can (too bad for Mourinho’s unhappy situation. Hope things turn out fine at Chelsea FC).

As I round up this post, I feel the urge to mention that I’m also a basketball lover. I played it in my secondary school days. It’s been a very long time since I played it. Sadly, as a competition, the last time I played it, my team were beat hands-down. We tried so hard against the better side. We lost the match and were out of the competition. The scores ended 82 – 18 in favour of our opponents. Yet, I get to watch the game once in a while. I still remember what it feels like to hold a basketball, bounce it, throw it in and hear the crowd shout “basket!”.

All in all, I still love sports….. but I’m not really a die hard fan for any sport. Are you?

P.S.: This Fandom post is a WordPress prompt.
P.P.S.: Image source is SkySports


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