Young and free?

Age should not be the reason you lose your sense of freedom. Despite the trials and temptations you face, create time to enjoy your gift of liberty…. coz when there’s life, there’s hope.

jamyjen's town

Remember those times when we ran around shirtless..
Those times when we danced in the rain,
Those times when we played with dirt, and cared less what people thought…

We were able to scream at the middle of the store because we did not get that candy we wanted
We were able to climb a tree or throw stones at it..
We were aware of the consequences but taking the risk was exciting!
We were able to say things the way they came to our minds…absolutely no filter!
We were free….

Now are we getting old and guarded?…
No!!!…..redefine free..
Go see places you have never seen before,
Go lay under the stars

Climb to the top of a mountain and shout as loud as you can
Be bold. Be fearless. Love with passion!
Aim for those aspirations they said u could not achieve…

Freedom does not end as the…

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