This Is Why Most Writers Still Keep Writing

Writing is a gift to certain people.

For others, it is a skill to be learned. Even for the gifted, it is a skilled to be developed.

If you can look deep into your soul and find the exact words to express what you feel, how you feel and in the way you feel it, then you have just begun. You have begun a journey into a world where every clutter gives you inspiration for the new.

That’s it.

That’s the writing world we’re in.


As writers, there’s much left to be imagined.

I use to think of a time when all people everywhere will come to appreciate writers for who they are. Many writers are storytellers. They make you skip an ounce of fat with the nature of their stories. They do what they do best. They turn imagination into fiction. They turn drafts into final papers. They turn research into valuable, simplified information.

Yet, there is still the group of people who see writers as lazy people who lazy about. Even though this is the case, the reality is that writing needs work. It requires a constant dedication to this craft. And it doesn’t matter what form you choose it to be.

Whether you choose to write in secret or you choose to let the world know what you do, writing is work. That’s a fact. And no one can change that.


Writing is work. Work requires energy. Writing requires both mental and physical energy. If not well planned, the writer can fall into an ill state.

Like any other job, the job of writing has its own mayhem attached to it. In fact, many writers really suffer in silence. They suffer with illness ranging from depression to sleep disorders to anxiety issues. I, myself have passed through these ailments to come to appreciate the work of writers. You don’t need to pass through the same illnesses to come to appreciate the work of writers.

So, next time you pick up a book or read a blog post, realize this fact: mental work had been put in to create that creation.

Work is meant to be enjoyed. But what happens when work becomes tedious and really tasking? We, as writers, do console ourselves in the passion we have for words.

Words change lives, and if our words changed a life for the better, then we have done our part. We have done our part in contributing to make the world a better place.


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