I’m Tired of Struggling to Write Funny?!

I’ve been pondering on the style of writing that uses humour to captivate the audience. The kind that makes the audience want to come back for more.


I’ve come face to face with reality: humour isn’t easy to achieve in practice.

I’m thinking it’s because being funny is a natural gift. And I’m sure it can still be learnt.

I’ll admit that I’m yet to meet anyone who learnt how to be funny. I’m also yet to meet a writer who specializes in writing humour.

Is there a humour writing course out there? I’m really considering a free trial to have a feel of it.

Gosh… I’ve mistakenly used a peppered finger to pull out stuff from my eye. This doesn’t feel good. This really, really, really, doesn’t feel good.


Have you ever tried to write something funny? If you did it, was it easy? How did you go about it? Please let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Struggling to Write Funny?!

    1. Bipolar secretary?! Life is hysterical?!
      Don’t try to please everyone all the time.

      Wow! Those are really important words that got my attention.

      It feels like an “Ahhhhah moment.”

      You’re right. It’s not a wise thing to be a ‘Jack of All Trades’ because all passionate writers and bloggers know what interest them. And they really stick to their craft.


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