#2015: This Journey’ll Get Better

It's been a great year 2014. And I'm grateful to all the Very Important Persons who have influenced me and blessed my work in different ways. I'm also saying thank you to you the PBW & Beyond community. You all have been awesome. Here's to a more life enriching 2015. Cheers! ~ PBW

#POETRY: This is the Hour.

When the rythmn don't mix, The words go untold; And the sounds go below. When the lies don't blend, The feathers go untouched; The kills go untrue; The death go unnoticed. What. What. What do we do for you oh Mr. Malfoy. We have cars. We have chairs. And we really do have the seater's …

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7 WRITING HABITS: 4 great ones and 3 ugly ones

What’s good writing? It’s the kind that gets noticed, read and really appreciated. If it’s your work, you may not get to see all the wonderful people who enjoy your work. But one thing’s sure: most of them do find your work interesting. You know it. A work – that work – that first earns …

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