3 Ways to Improve Your Writing Every Week

Writing for many bloggers is a big deal.

You decide when you write, what you write, and how you write.

But what happens when you feel your mind is getting clogged up with distractions and other issues of life?

This is exactly why you need to improve your writing every week.

At a glance, here are the tips for you.

  1. Keep a bank of quality samples
  2. Live from your heart
  3. Practise FreeWriting Everyday

3 Ways to Improve Your Writing Every Week


You have to have one – a bank – a store – a library – whatever you call it – that is strictly reserved as your idea bank.

It’ll come in handy every time.

Examples of the kind of content of your bank of quality samples can be;

  • Writing tutorials;
  • Bookmarks to useful online articles, and;
  • General lessons on subjects such as discipline, commitment, persistence, strategy etc.

Think of it as your journal of continuous education.

The importance of having a bank of quality samples is to help you preserve any idea, blog post title, concept, new lesson and notes for your future use.


In case this sounds strange to you, hold on let me explain.

Successful writers are always alive in their consciousness. This means that everything they see, feel, embrace, think, imagine, hear or remember can be used to enhance their craft.

Everything serves them.

And so, to improve your writing every week, you have to live from your heart. Don’t take anything in your experience for granted. You never know when you’ll need to create a character or blog post from what you experienced.

By the way, the task of being a writer requires you to improve your skills to the point that you can pick up a complex concept and explain it in an eight year old level of understanding.

This does not mean that your readers are fools.

No! Not in any way.

It’s just that you’ll create a win-win situation for them. You provide value for them in the form of a useful content, and the reward you by taking the required action you want them to.


The power of freewriting allows you to tap into the inner consciousness of your being. You are able to say things that your subconscious mind is speaking without the need of correction and editing.

It’s more like a vomit draft. But in this case, you don’t edit any thing. You just write and write and write whatever comes into your conscious mind – exactly the way your inner voice is saying it.

It’s been medically proven to be helpful in clearing your mind for new ideas and concepts.

Use freewriting to prepare yourself for your next post or novel.

The possibilities in you are endless.


The tips above may not be what you expected to see. But trust me on this one. Try them out and you’ll see that your writing will improve every week.

Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section below. You can also add one link to any useful article on your blog or another site that concerns the topic of ‘writing’.


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