I’m Hungry for Change (Sorry, not me. It’s your organization)

Change is a constant thing.

Organizations have the ability to change – yours included.

While the management of few organizations can adjust their policies to suite emerging trends in less than a year, others need more time to weigh the consequences of their decisions. It’s tougher when bureaucracy has eaten deep into the operations of the organization.

Management need to review the policies that govern their usage of social technology products for internal and external communications. Organizations that fail to revolve with the new trend of social technology will be left behind.

Employees should be given the chance to express themselves with social technologies under flexible guidelines that will favour the organization. These guidelines should not be strict. They should be able to accommodate the gap in corporate communications and employee peer-to-peer communication.


Positive changes open doors for your organization’s success and brand recognition in the marketplace. With a partnership-centered approach, your customers will accept your products and recommend them to the people and networks they care about. This will only happen when your strategy for change is appropriate for Innovation, Adoption and Growth.

INNOVATION will consume a portion of your organization’s resources, yet, it is needed for the long-term growth of your organization. But when approached with a drive that is based on a vision, the possibilities available to you to stumble upon a new market are endless. If your business recognizes this approach to change, there will be no need to compete based on fear.

ADOPTION allows for the different departments in the organization work independently, while focusing on the corporate vision. Employee programs that are designed to cater for creative research and exploration of social technologies help to position the organization against any impending threat to its sales territory.

GROWTH is that fuel that drives in more revenue. The adoption of flexible policies for internal communications creates unexpected opportunities for employees to find new ways of connecting and working with eachother.

In this age of social technology, change will be a necessary evil for many bureaucratic organizations.


What do you think about the way positive changes happen in bureaucratic organizations? Do you support the management approach that uses policies to control the way employees use social technology products (such as chat apps, intranets and social media etc)?

Share your opinion in the comments.


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