There comes the time when you feel the world on your shoulders. You feel like turning back. You feel the world is about to break your back. The load is too heavy. The pain is too much. The loss is to heavy.

You can’t quantify it.

I’ve been there too. That tells you that you’re not a lone.

How to deal with pain or loss

What I did was this…

I let the pain flow through me. I didn’t let it control me.

There reason is because pain – stress – loss – whatever you decide to call it, is a toxic emotion. They are negative in nature. They are not good in nature. They’re not good for you level of productivity and they’re certainly not good for your health.

What is that negative emotion that you’re feeling today?

Don’t let it get stuck inside you.

You deserve better.

Things may not go as planned for your right now…but not to worry. Everything will turn out fine.

It may not be today or tomorrow morning…

If you don’t let your bad days hold you back, you victory will be celebrated at the end of the tunnel. And of course, that’s where the light is – at the end of the tunnel.



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