Writers Are Not Losers

Yes, you heard me right. Writers are not losers. They’re all potential winners.

It doesn’t feel good to see how certain people refer to writers as losers. A writer is not a loser. It’s one of those stupid myths out there.

Writing was not my dream. For me, it’s one of the essential skills I have to develop because of its benefits to my long term career goals.

But interestingly, I have come to know a number of writers online. They dreamed of that status – that prestige – of being called a writer.

I have also come to know that most of them have spent years writing in practice. They devoted more than ninety percent of their leisure time to express themselves by using the written word. Until the mass availability of computers, many of them wrote on paper. They didn’t care whether the paper was white or brown or stained. They just wrote. They wrote out their anger. They wrote out their pain.

These awesome people still write everyday.

They write at work. They write at home. The write when they are happy. They write when they are sad. The write when they feel healthy and they also write when they’re sick.

And so I’m using this opportunity to encourage all you writers, don’t let anybody put you down. From my blogging experience so far, I’ve learnt that it takes discipline and continuous dedication to become a better writer.

I don’t care if they call you a nerd or a geek or they mock you, just ignore the fools out there.

The human race keep developing because of the awesome jobs that writers do. With the growing number of writers and bloggers around the world, I can confidently say that writers are not losers. In fact, history has repeatedly shown us that even losers are potential winners.

All in all, writers are winners. As a writer, you may not have won yesterday. You may not even win today or tomorrow morning. But you will surely win. Ther’s no need to be anxious on it.

Dedicate your time to improving your craft. Eventually, the world will come to pay you for the value you created – that brings like to mankind.

Life never forgets dedicated writers. You will be rewarded.

Keep it up folks. Well done!



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