Hackers May Get Better But WordPress Still Grows Stronger

Yes, WordPress has got its own issues.

It’s the same thing with all other blogging platforms. They don’t create everything at once. They provide upgrades over time.

They create value for the world and get blessed in return.

Even though – occasionally – hackers do succeed in tearing down the WordPress dot com security, the Automattic team is still standing strong.

4 Reasons The AUTOMATTIC Team are improving the web with WordPress blogs

  1. They don’t give up.
  2. They know the meaning of “code is poetry”.
  3. They really do listen to customer complaints
  4. The Automattic team see hacking as an opportunity to improve their platform.

There are still so many reasons to love’em.

DISCLAIMER:I’ve been using WordPress blogs since 2008. Ohhh! Less I forget to mention this: I’m a happy fan of Team Automattic.

One thought on “Hackers May Get Better But WordPress Still Grows Stronger

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