I’ll be suspending this blog for a while…

It’s been a great time here.

I’ve enjoyed every moment sharing tips and ideas with you.

Now, I’ve got to focus my attention on my relationship blog.

For this cause, I’ll be suspending this blog for awhile.

So What Does This Mean?

It means I won’t be posting very much over here.

If you want to see my writing, you will have to meet me at Lovegeria. It is a relationship blog on Love, Romance and Friendship.

I’ve enjoyed writing here. And I trust you enjoyed reading too. If I didn’t make your day with any post here, I’m sorry. Just keep in mind that I’m also on my own learning journey.

Focus + Practice makes perfect…and that’s how I’m working on my writing craft. Since I’m still in the perfecting realm of my journey as at this time of writing, I’ll see you at Lovegeria dot com.


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