School, Dreams and Murderers

Why do we have schools that contain murderers who kill dreams? That’s what this post is all about.

Today’s post is a kind of a shoot-in-the-face kind of post. I’m directing it to a particular breed of teachers – the ones who are so blinded by their fears, regrets, safe incomes and job perks. These ones consciously (and sometimes unconsciously) take actions and say words that kill the dreams of their students.


It’s sad when a person gets a job just for the sake of the money and financial benefits. Then annoyingly does everything to mould your child into that dogma-shaped employee.

By doing so, they block future inventions. They decline the potential number of future inventors who may have the answers of the future. The ones that may have the breakthrough ideas that will help to solve national security challenges, solve regional epidemic problems, help to avert a residential health crises, help to generate jobs and wealth for different nations of the world.

What is the purpose of education?

I am of the school of thought that education was supposed to improve the lives of its recipients.

Mark these words: children are gifts from above.


Many destinies have been shaped poorly by negative teachers who discouraged youngsters.

We see instances where hobbies are discontinued. Passions are refocused in a way that negatively re-aligned these kids to think bad about pursuing their dreams. Tis’ bad they attempt to make their students and to even feel they are not “normal”.


This is Manipulation at work at it’s highest best.

The truth about this manipulative way of grooming up a child is focused on a hidden truth: I should have been a _________. I messed up. So you have to fulfil my dream of being a _________.

My Question is…

Many teachers today are no more passionate about the work they do. Can we blame this on the system put in place by the politically motivated economic class or the upbringing of the current teachers?

I thought children were (including their dreams, talents, personalities and hobbies) were supposed to be influenced and NOT manipulated to make their choices.

~ Prosper B. Wealth

2 thoughts on “School, Dreams and Murderers

  1. Nice one bro.

    Now, my thoughts:
    There are three types of teachers in our primary and secondary school system:
    * Those who teach because it is their passion – they really love teaching children.
    * Those who teach because, well, let’s just say it sucks to stay at home doing nothing.
    * And finally, those who really love to teach, but won’t follow their passion because, let’s face it, teaching as a profession has lost its glory. Besides, the family wants you to work in a bank, or oil company, or, heck, Google!

    Now, I must confess, I fall under the third category. And its frustrating to go against my calling.

    Until our messed up education system is worked upon, I’m afraid our schools will still be the way they are – and even get worse.

    But then, there is hope. Think Technology.


    1. Yes bro. I think technology is the hope we have. Since Africa’s startup environment is gradually evolving to favour africans, there’s hope for the recovery of the education system.

      All we need to do is embrace the reality of our environment and keep our dreams from dream killers who disguise themselves as people with good intentions.
      Thanks for your useful insight on this blog.


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