WORLD CUP 2014: Spain really lost it this time

The past glory did not save Spain against Holland and againat Chile. Their status as 2014 World Cup favourites didn’t save them too.

Sports Live Shock

It has been a globally perceived shock that Spain has crashed out of the 2014 world cup.

For me, it wasn’t really a surprise. The reason is because after their first match with the Netherlands (Holland), I came to the realization that Spain needed a team of encouraging psychologists to boost their psyche.

No national team is guaranteed a spot in the tournament

Going to Brazil was not going to be a guaranteed smooth ride for any of the participating teams. And it wouldn’t have been smooth for Spain too.

Who would have predicted that Chile would knock Spain out of the World cup tournament. This is not good news to the fans and well-wishers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup champions.

The lessons

    Life seeks to express itself in many different creative ways.
    Being at the top is no guarantee you’ll remain there.
    Success needs no assumptions. You have to pay your dues so you can later drink your juice.

Any one can be overtaken in life. When you’re in a competitive environment, keep that in mind.

~ Prosper B. Wealth


School, Dreams and Murderers

Why do we have schools that contain murderers who kill dreams? That’s what this post is all about.

Today’s post is a kind of a shoot-in-the-face kind of post. I’m directing it to a particular breed of teachers – the ones who are so blinded by their fears, regrets, safe incomes and job perks. These ones consciously (and sometimes unconsciously) take actions and say words that kill the dreams of their students.


It’s sad when a person gets a job just for the sake of the money and financial benefits. Then annoyingly does everything to mould your child into that dogma-shaped employee.

By doing so, they block future inventions. They decline the potential number of future inventors who may have the answers of the future. The ones that may have the breakthrough ideas that will help to solve national security challenges, solve regional epidemic problems, help to avert a residential health crises, help to generate jobs and wealth for different nations of the world.

What is the purpose of education?

I am of the school of thought that education was supposed to improve the lives of its recipients.

Mark these words: children are gifts from above.


Many destinies have been shaped poorly by negative teachers who discouraged youngsters.

We see instances where hobbies are discontinued. Passions are refocused in a way that negatively re-aligned these kids to think bad about pursuing their dreams. Tis’ bad they attempt to make their students and to even feel they are not “normal”.


This is Manipulation at work at it’s highest best.

The truth about this manipulative way of grooming up a child is focused on a hidden truth: I should have been a _________. I messed up. So you have to fulfil my dream of being a _________.

My Question is…

Many teachers today are no more passionate about the work they do. Can we blame this on the system put in place by the politically motivated economic class or the upbringing of the current teachers?

I thought children were (including their dreams, talents, personalities and hobbies) were supposed to be influenced and NOT manipulated to make their choices.

~ Prosper B. Wealth

Congratulations Dr. Dre Apple Inc man

A big congratulations to you Dr. Dre on the success of your Apple Beats deal.

Too bad a lot of folks around the world are only focusing on the success of your Beats deal with Apple for inspiration. For me, the true inspiration comes from who you had to become to be able to achieve this fit.

Change isn’t always easy.

I know it wasn’t easy – of course, anything great that is worth building isn’t easy. You must have to make your own share of mistakes. And learn from your experiences. You might even have to change your circle of friends – not because you hate them or anything – but because you have to protect your ideas and dreams.

My Toast

As you climb to new heights of experience and wisdom, I say enjoy your journey.

~ Prosper B. Wealth