PAY DAY BLOGGERS: Look forward to blogging that your ass off

The world of blogging is filled with a lot of unique people. There are those who blog for freedom of expression. There are also those who blog to earn. Then there’s the group that blog to do both – freedom of expression and getting their efforts rewarded come pay day.

We see many of’em blog for different reasons. Some blog to make their unique voices heard (hahahhahh! This is the founding reason of modern day blogging). Other bloggers do it to let go off the day’s stress; while the rest do it to improve their writing talents (of course that’s what I’m using this blog for).

Whether your using Typepad, WordPress, or Blogger to vent off your steam, it is important for you to be yourself.

Being yourself doesn’t mean you won’t offend anyone

You don’t need everybody’s approval to be happy. You also don’t need everybody’s approval to discover yourself. For you to blog well, you need to have something to say.

This also means you need to have a life. Blogging needs you to come to the realization that you ARE and always WILL BE a work-in-progress.

How? You may ask me…

The answer is simple: ”All bloggers are learners.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your past experiences or your current living condition or your imaginations of the future you want to live in. Blogging requires you to improve your skill to the point where you can churn yourself – past, present and future. And then weave it into a chewable node that your audience can pick two or more valuables that benefit them in some particular ways.

This positions you to kick ass

Say your mind. Keep learning. Keep dreaming. Keep discovering. Keep connecting the dots.

Then one day will come when you will have to smile as you look back and see…

    You committed to your craft.
    You stood your ground
    You paid your dues
    You sacrificed

…and all paid off.

~ Prosper B. Wealth

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