Calabar Warm Sunshine: Day for the Creatives

It is beautiful over here in Calabar.

I love the view.

Warm skies. No rain today. Sunny enough to need a shade.

Sunny enough to take off your shirt and jump into a pool (hope you own one lol).

I think we all need balance.

Taking out time to relax and imagine a beautiful future is awesome. It’s good for your spirit and good for your body. Sorry physically exhausted labourers > you ain’t gonna value this talk.


I think work should be enjoyed. This is why it is very important for you to build your career around your lifestyle and not the reverse.


You can never get enough of peace and joy when you’re out of alignment with your real self. Work is a medium that the creator of creators uses to bless us all. But there’s no use in beating yourself up if you can create time to enjoy the gifts of life.

There are so many people running around to make ends-meet but they’re still missing the mark.

Get the point folks: activity does not necessarily translate into growth. What I’m throwing on the table here is that work is meant to bless all parties concerned – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Picture this as a balanced mountain of confidence on the earth. You are that mountain with the confidence that no harm can come near your dwelling and you are blessed in whatever you use your creative spirit to do.

Afterall, creativity is difficult without any form of personal effort to positively align one’s own thoughts with the endless possibilities of unique opportunities that balance your skills with your personality.

I suggest…

Be your real self, love your work and let the sunshine flood your life.

~ Prosper B. Wealth

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